Retractable Garden Hose Reel

I think there is nothing worse than having a hose reel attached to your house and it looks out of place. At Delrico, they offer a custom COLORBOND colour range for their Retractable Garden Hose Reel. Yes, your hose can be sprayed to match the external colour scheme of your home. Although that’s not the reason they have developed this innovative coating.

They didn’t employ a professional to crack the right formula just for the colour. The Delrico team wanted the coating to prolong the life of the hose casing and they were very excited about the results. In fact, this coating blows the competition away in terms of the life expectancy of the hose casing. Now that’s value don’t you think?

This specialised COLORBOND colour coating prevents the casing from chalking as it deteriorates because it’s designed for the harsh Australian climate. It’s designed here in Australia, for Australians. Now that makes sense.

The Delrico range is designed by engineers who stand by their product. That’s why they have created an in-house service team. If something was to go wrong, you can send it back and they can replace the parts and return your hose. A much better option than going to landfill, which is what used to happen in this market.

COLORBOND Colour Range

Delrico colorbond colours


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