DIY Cubby House Kit

Have you been searching for a DIY Cubby House Kit but can’t find something that has both quality and style? Then you don’t need to look any further. This gorgeous Cubby House is made from superior exterior materials which makes them super strong. It’s also built for long-term wear in our harsh Australian climate.

You’ll find the external cladding is made using Australian made Weathertex and the benefits are many:

  • A smooth surface to touch
  • This material has a zero carbon footprint
  • It’s also naturally termite resistant

The roofing is also of high quality made from polycarbonate material, making My Cubbies the “coolest” enclosed cubby on the market! Now that’s something you don’t get from a regular cubby house.

My Cubby has an awesome range of cubby houses which range in both size and design. Head over and check out their range.


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