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Chook Friendly Flowers

Is there such a thing as Chook Friendly Flowers? There sure is, well kind of. Some flowers can really help support your chooks health and well-being due to their strong scent and aromas.

Throw Some Seeds have an awesome collection of flowers and flowering herbs perfect for planting in and around your chicken coop!

You’ll be naturally helping repel insects and pests with the beautiful aromas of this collection, therefore, keeping your chooks feeling calm and content. You can even try hanging a bunch of these herbs or flowers inside where they sleep and scatter throughout their nesting boxes.

Obviously, this collection can change depending on the season and availability of seed varieties, but they all have the chooks best interest at heart.

The Chook Friendly Collection contains one packet of each of the following:

Lavender (True English)
Chamomile (German)

Just follow the instructions on your seed packaging and your flowers will be blooming in no time.


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