Broccoli Microgreen Seeds (Green Sprouting)

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Broccoli Microgreen Seeds (Green Sprouting)

Broccoli Microgreen Seeds will pleasantly surprise you are your kids with their tender and tasty flavour. To think you never thought it possible that your kids would eat broccoli!

This may just be that life-changing moment in your kitchen you have been waiting for. Kids eating broccoli and benefiting from a high dose of vitamins A, B & C plus vitamin K. Yes, broccoli microgreens are absolutely packed for of nutritional content and they might just be easier to get the kids to eat than the full grown version.

Make sure your kids enjoy the whole growing process with you. It’s a known fact that kids are more likely to eat what they grow.

We recommend soaking your seeds for 4-6 hours in cold water prior to planting.

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