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Bokashi Compost Bin

When you choose your Bokashi Compost Bin you’ll discover an amazing way to compost your food waste that won’t go in your worm farm. This includes everything from citrus, onions and cooked foods and even meat and foods containing dressings etc.. The only thing you cannot put into a Bokashi Bin is bones.

The Bokashi compost works by using anaerobic (no oxygen) bacteria, so no worms required and it’s perfect for indoors.

This kit includes:

  • The Bokashi bucket itself
  • Masher (to help push air out between the food scraps)
  • Bokashi grain in a 1.5-litre sized bag
  • A small cup to collect your liquid under the tap
  • Instruction book

Bokashi Composting

Designed to sit inside your home the bokashi bucket can be placed in a suitable and convenient area such as under a sink.  It uses a fermentation process which activates microbial activity to ferment organic waste, not compost it. Customers find the end result is an amazing fermented food waste that can be placed directly into the soil.

The Bokashi Bucket compliments the use of worm Tech’s VermiHut Worm Farm because you can put the food waste that worms don’t eat such as acidic foods (citrus, onions, tomatoes etc) into the Bokashi Bin and recycle 100% of your kitchen waste.

You will love that When you use this type of compost bin, you can compost all meat and dairy products as well.  All the Microbes in the Bokashi Bucket are naturally occurring and have a beneficial effect on the environment.

The Bokashi liquid is diluted at 1:10 for a nutrient liquid to feed your plants, or pour down your toilet for a Healthier Septic System.

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