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Best Flowers For Bees

Are you looking for the Best Flowers For Bees? These bee-friendly heirloom seeds will provide a wonderful source of nectar for bees to feed on in your garden because of their amazing display of flowers.

Your collection will include a display of flowers and flowering herbs which will keep bees and other pollinating insects very content and happy as they get to work in your garden.

Don’t forget to leave out some water so they can have a lovely drink as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you provided everything they needed and they didn’t want to leave the lovely habitat you have created? A garden that offers them everything they need. Now that’s special.

Seeds to attract bees

The bee-friendly collection contains the Best Flowers For Bees each season.

You’ll get one packet of each of the following:
Bergamot (Lemon Mint)
Lavender (True English)
Anise Hyssop

Please note this collection is subject to change depending on availability of seed varieties.

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