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Bamboo Slices – Botanicals Range

The ideas are endless with these Bamboo Slices. You could attach them together at the sides, and create an amazing artwork, even put it in a frame as a gift. Decorate a mirror by attaching them around the sides to create a unique bamboo frame.

The kids will love working with them because their creativity is endless. Dip them in some coloured paint and use them for artwork circles or stack them on top of each other and create a tower. The kids could decorate a pot by attaching them to the outside.

I love giving small ideas to kids and letting expand on it. They come up with some amazing creations.

You’ll get around 100 bamboo slices in your bag providing hours of entertainment. Each slice measures around 5cm in diameter and the colour and size will vary just as nature intended.

Enjoy your bamboo slices and let your kids start creating masterpieces today with CleverPatch. Check out the full range of nature-inspired craft ideas.


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