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Keeping Chickens

Once upon a time, Keeping Chickens was only for rural dwellers with big yards, or inner-city hippies.

Now viewed as an attractive proposition backyard chickens are more common, which is awesome! You’ll find chickens great recyclers who eat weeds, bugs and scraps. They then turn them into organic eggs, what’s not to love about that?

Chickens are great backyard pets for people of all ages, and kids just love them. You’ll find them a natural extension for everyone with a veggie patch, and for those who like eggs but are concerned about the welfare of commercial hens.

This book is the perfect reference, whether you’re already keeping chickens or an absolute beginner. Get this book if you are thinking about getting a couple of chooks to keep at home. The authour, Dave Ingham, offers easy to read advice. You’ll discover, how to get started, housing and feeding chickens, settling chickens in with other pets and troubleshooting. Plus he covers the (minimal) commitment required to keep your backyard hens healthy and happy which is super important.

If you are looking to get started with chickens, this book is a must-read. want to check out other chook cooks? Click here

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