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Don’t you agree, that your front door mat makes such a big first impression? We know any outdoor mats you come across are designed for one thing. However, they can be so much more even awesome you could say!

We all know that wiping your feet is the single most important thing a mat can be. That’s why we love this coir mat because it’s functionally is spot on.  Any mat you chose has to be functional but you don’t have to give up the style because of it.

I am loving these coir fibre outdoor mats because they have a natural look at feel to transition the outside inside and I love the affirmation as you enter or leave to ‘Be awesome’.

Measuring 75cm wide x 45cm height x 0cm deep in size, this ‘be awesome’ design offers that little bit of style without going overboard. How could you not ‘be awesome’ when you enter?

Therefore, if you’d like a little bit more of a statement piece that just a place to wipe your feet get yourself a ‘be awesome’ door mat, or check out this sweet bird design.

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