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At Home With Plants Book

It’s no secret that plants in the home make you happy. Working at home with plants around me provides a sense of clarity. I find it also enhances the space with energy and positive thought. If you’ve been looking for an AT Home With Plants Book, then this is the one. Use them inside of your interior design and this book is just the book to help you on your way.

The new wave of unusual and dramatic indoor plants is as much about decor and statement as greenery for the interior design enthusiast.  Plants can be used for their aesthetics because they add a focal point and sculptural element to spaces inside the home. Indoor gardening is not just about possessing or growing a plant. It’s about using it as an accessory combined with other objects to create a particular style and mood.

Therefore, in this well-rounded book, the authors show you how to transform your home with houseplants and tell you which plants will work best. You’ll learn where and how to care for your plants. From terrariums to pretty hanging baskets, practical herb pots and colourful window displays. This book is packed full of exciting and gorgeous ideas for you to explore so you can be confident about houseplants in your design.

You’ll love the amazing photography which highlights how effective it is to bring the outside in. Plants really are the best form of interior design and you’ll gain more air quality and well-being because of it.

A must read in my eyes. I love indoor plants and all they have to offer.

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