ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser

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ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser

If you are looking for organic plant food for vegetables, Worm Tech’s ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser is amazing!

Customers can buy this product and know it’s 100% organic plant food which is rich in nutrients. Also loaded with active microorganisms, this product contains essential key ingredients for plant and soil health.

For the best plant food for vegetables or even flowering plants, this organic fertiliser is the one. It’s great for turf as well.  By using ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser you’ll see better flowering and fruiting plus resistance to plant disease.

Made from 100% natural liquid worm extract, this organic fertiliser also contains micro and macronutrients plus trace elements. Everything you could want for your food garden.

For best results, dilute at a ratio of 1:10 with water for your existing plants. However, for seedlings, vegetables or flowering plants use at a ratio of 1: 5 so you can give them everything they need.

Customers can purchase this amazing liquid gold in various sizes, so click through to see which size best suits your needs.


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