8 Piece Tool Kit in Carry Bag

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Children’s Garden Tools

When your kids start showing interest in the garden, make it a regular event and make it fun. Equip them with their own set of children’s garden tools which they can call their own. It’s all about autonomy in the garden. Grab your hat, and boots, put your gloves on and grab your special little carry bag and head out into the garden.

This gorgeous set includes everything but the kitchen sink. If you’re looking for a complete kit, this one is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Featuring hardwood handles and enamel implements you’ll find a rainbow of tools inside, including:

  • One green fork
  • A blue pointed trowel
  • Yellow square spade
  • A red scoop
  • An orange round scoop
  • Two cute plant labels
  • Plus a watering can

All of these tools fit comfortably inside a spacious and sturdy waterproof garden tote featuring external pockets because we know kids love pockets.

This amazing garden tools set for kids is available in pink, blue and red which makes it the perfect “wrap and go” gift.


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