2 Seater Sofa Natural Rattan

Matt Blatt


2 Seater Sofa

I love this natural rattan 2 seater sofa and the style and elegance it would bring to an outdoor space. Don’t you think it’s hard to find something that’s unique because there are so many on the market which are mass produced? Not this one.

The material’s they use today are so versatile. PR synthetic rattan and steel make it strong and it simply looks amazing. I love how the cushions are waterproof as well. It will be a hit in any outdoor space, indoor-outdoor room, patio or garden terrace.

Measuring 140cm W x 65cm H x 69cm D it’s a perfect size and won’t overcrowd a space and would look amazing with a few plants and a bit of styling to accompany it.

If you’re looking for something unique and stylish that makes a statement all of its own, click through and check out this adorable sofa from Matt Blatt.

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