Nature Inspired Craft

Get creative with our range of nature inspired craft ideas. Be inspired naturally.

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  • Clever Patch Botanicals –Bamboo offcuts

    Bamboo Offcuts

  • Clever Patch Botanicals –Bamboo slices

    Bamboo Slices

  • Clever Patch Botanicals –Branch offcuts

    Branch offcuts (Round)

  • Clever Patch Dream Catchers Clever Kit - Dream catcher kit

    Dream Catcher Kit

  • Clever Patch Hanging Glass Jars - glass hanging jars

    Glass Hanging Jars

  • Clever Patch Canvas Panel Art Board – Natural Linen Square - kids canvas panel art board

    Kids Canvas Panel Art Board (Linen)

  • Clever Patch Flower Pressing Kit - kids flower press

    Kids Flower Press (Kit)

  • Clever Patch Botanicals –Lotus pods - lotus pod

    Lotus Pods

  • Clever Patch Polished pebbles

    Polished Pebbles

  • Clever Patch Skeleton Leaves green

    Skeleton Leaves (Green)

  • Clever Patch 3D Wooden Bird Houses

    Wooden Bird Houses (3D)

  • Clever Patch Wooden House Thermometer

    Wooden House Thermometer