Kids Garden & Play

Make kids garden play fun and exciting with this range of products and way kids can actively be involved outside. Your family garden life is waiting.

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  • Kids Garden - Pink tool kit in carry bag - childrens garden tools

    8 Piece Tool Kit in Carry Bag

  • Baby & Toddler Swings

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Bluebell Fairy

    Bluebell Fairy

  • My Little Fairy Garden Camper Van

    Camper Van

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Canterbury Bell Flower Fairy

    Canterbury Bell Flower Fairy

  • Deluxe Pink Fairy Garden Kit

    Deluxe Pink Fairy Garden Kit

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Fairy Flowers Chair

    Fairy Flower Chair

  • Fairy Friends Addie & Maddie - Garden Sparkle Fairy Ornaments

    Fairy Friends Addie & Maddie

  • Throw Some Seeds - Fairy Garden Crayons - beeswax crayon set

    Fairy Garden Crayons

  • My Little Fairy Garden - potted flowers set of 3

    Fairy Potted Flowers Set /3

  • Garden Gloves - Snug Garden Gloves For Kids

    Kids Close Fit Garden Gloves

  • Garden Gloves - Kids Close Fit Gardening Gloves (Flora) Girls Garden Gloves

    Kids Close Fit Garden Gloves (Flora)

  • Clever Patch Flower Pressing Kit - kids flower press

    Kids Flower Press (Kit)

  • Garden Gloves - printed cotton gardening gloves for little hands

    Kids Gardening Gloves (Printed)

  • kids garden - grow kits - kids growing kits

    Kids Grow Kit – Just Add Water!

  • Greenlife Kids Raised Garden Bed (planter)

    Kids Raised Garden Bed (planter)

  • kids garden - stainless steal tools - kids gardening tools

    Kids Stainless Steel Hand Tools

  • Garden Gloves - Little Pals Garden Activity Kit

    Little Pals Garden Kit

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Magical Rainbow archway

    Magical Rainbow

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Magical Rainbow Bridge scene

    Magical Rainbow Bridge

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Maisie the Artist Fairy

    Maisie the Artist Fairy

  • Mama Rainbow Unicorn & Bub

    Mama Rainbow Unicorn & Bub

  • Mini Fairy Garden Shed

    Mini Fairy Garden Shed

  • Clever Patch Outdoor Wicker Train

    Outdoor Wicker Train

  • Greenlife Potting Benches Australia - orange

    Potting Bench

  • Red Root Bungalow - Garden Sparkle - Australia

    Red Root Bungalow

  • Rope Ladder

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Sarah Iron Fairies

    Sarah – Iron Fairies

  • Swags

  • Teepees

  • The Enchanted Tea Party Kit

    The Enchanted Tea Party Kit

  • Kids garden - veggie patch kit - kids gardening kit

    Vegie Patch Kit

  • Clever Patch Wooden House Thermometer

    Wooden House Thermometer

  • Wooden Swings

  • Woodland Fairy Garden Kit