A range of garden products to share and enjoy with your family. Looking for a garden gift? We sure do have an amazing range to choose from. Check out our Australian businesses.

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  • Worm Tech ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser

    ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser

  • Throw Some Seeds - Bee Friendly Collection

    Bee Friendly Collection – Heirloom Seeds

  • Clever Patch Bird Feeder - bird feeder Australia

    Bird Feeder

  • Green Sprouting Broccoli Microgreen Seeds

    Broccoli Microgreen Seeds (Green Sprouting)

  • Buzz Off Spray - Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent spray

    Buzz Off Spray

  • Bypass Secateurs small Econocut For Ladies

    Bypass Secateurs ( Small )

  • Cabbage microgreen seeds

    Cabbage Microgreen Seeds (Red Sprouting)

  • Throw Some Seeds - chook friendly flower seed pack

    Chook Friendly Collection – Heirloom Seeds

  • Worm Tech - organic growing with worms

    Compost Worm (1000)

  • Worm Tech - organic growing with worms

    Compost Worms

  • Curly cress microgreen seeds

    Curled Cress Microgreen Seeds (Bunyip)

  • Cut and Hold Bypass Secateurs Pruners - garden secateurs

    Cut and Hold Bypass Secateurs

  • CutAbove Tools Bypass Secateurs Luxury - deluxe bypass secateurs - presents-for-mum

    Deluxe Bypass Secateurs

  • Garden Edging Shears - best grass shears

    Edging Shears

  • Worm Tech EnsoPet Waste System

    EnsoPet Waste Systems – Pet Waste Composting

  • Clever Patch Willow Expanding Ball - expanding trellis ball

    Expanding Trellis Ball (Willow Ball)

  • CutAbove Tools Gardening Utility Belt

    Garden Tool Belt

  • Green Goodness Mix Microgreen Seeds

    Green Goodness Mix Microgreen Seeds

  • Greenlife 2 Tier Walk-In Greenhouses

    Greenhouse (walk-in 2 tier)

  • Clever Patch Potato Growing Bags - grow potato bags

    Grow Potato Bags

  • My Little Plot - Grow With Gratitude Kit - starter grow kit

    Grow With Gratitude Kit

  • CutAbove Tools Long reach pruning tools package, gardening gifts for dad

    Heavy Duty Pruning Package

  • Hand Held Hedge Shears Extendable Handles

    Hedge Shears (Extendable Handles)

  • Kale Microgreen Seeds

    Kale Microgreen Seeds (Red Russian)

  • Kitchen Shears

    Kitchen Shears

  • Kneepal aqua blue - garden kneeler

    Kneepal Aqua (garden kneeler)

  • Kneepal green garden kneeling pad-presents-for-mum

    Kneepal Green (garden kneeling pad)

  • Kneepal gardeners knee

    Kneepal Pink (gardeners knee)

  • Garden Gloves - Ladies Bounty Gardening Gloves green - Ladies Gardening Gloves

    Ladies Bounty Gardening Gloves

  • Garden Gloves - Ladies Gardening Gloves Bamboo

    Ladies Gardening Gloves (Bamboo)

  • Garden Gloves - Sprout Gardening Gloves

    Ladies Sprout Gardening Gloves

  • Greenlife Large Drop Over Greenhouse, gardening gifts for dad

    Large Drop Over Greenhouse

  • Greenlife Large Raised Garden Beds

    Large Raised Garden Bed

  • Greenlife Large Raised Garden Bed and Greenhouse Bundle

    Large Raised Garden Bed Bundle (raised garden bed + drop over greenhouse)

  • Left-Handed Secateurs

    Left-Handed Secateurs

  • Lightweight Bypass Lopper 1821

    Lopper (Lightweight Bypass)