Did you know about this pet poo composter – EnsoPet?

by | Sep 4, 2019 | In the Garden

Poo. The favourite subject of many young boys and girls. For us as adults, one of those things we all deal with but no one really wants to talk about. When you enjoy living with pets, cleaning up poo is just another job on your to-do list. But, once you’ve bagged the poo, what do you do with it then? Check our this pet poo composter from EnsoPet.

Composting Pet Poo

Did you know that animal poo can be composted? Whilst it’s not recommended to use the pet poo compost on edible plants, animal poo can definitely enrich the soil in the rest of your garden. Best of all, you aren’t creating more landfill.

EnsoPet – the pet poo composter

WormTech’s EnsoPet pet poo composter is specially designed to compost poo from your dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig. EnsoPet is a composting system that you dig into your garden. The top of the EnsoPet has a removable lid with handle. All you do is remove the lid, place the poo into the composting system and sprinkle with some of the starter grain.

The starter grain is made up of sawdust, wheat and minerals with all-natural micro-organisms. These micro-organisms are there to help to promote the breakdown of the waste. They also remove any smell and help remedy any bacteria in the pet waste. This helps to create good quality, rich soil for the garden.

The EnsoPet starter kit comprises of the composting system including a lid, a pair of tongs and a 1kg bag of starter grain.
As rabbit and guinea pig poo is generated from a wholly vegetarian diet, this will not take long to compost. You can dig it into your garden fairly quickly.


Which pet poo can I compost?

Dog poo has bacteria in it, so will take longer to compost. Make sure you have allowed it to fully compost to allow the bacteria to die and don’t dig it into any food crops. Composting dog poo safely can take up to one year.

Cat poo carries the most bacteria including a parasite known as toxoplasmosis. This can be very harmful to humans, particularly pregnant women or those with a weak immune system. If you choose to use your composting system for cat poo it will take about 2 years before the bacteria and parasites have gone. Compost from cat poo should never be used near human food crops and only used in a part of the garden where your kids don’t play.

Composting your pet waste is a fantastic way to eliminate your animal’s faeces from going into landfill. It allows you to enrich your soil with beautiful compost that will encourage your plants to grow healthy and strong.