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Growing clean food

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Get ready to take your food garden to the organic level!


Organic Action Plan is ideal for:

Learn from a parent

Becky Searles

I’ve designed and written this course from a parents perspective. I’m a wife, mum of 2, taxi driver (for the kids), ethics teacher and I’ve been a home gardener for most of my 46 years. Gardening is in my blood. My dad taught me and I’ve taught my kids.

You don’t need to know a plant’s botanical name or study agriculture or horticulture to grow organic food with your family. You just need the basic skills and knowledge to make your garden clean and keep it clean.

Growing food is a lifestyle change and growing organic food is even better. Our Organic Action Plan will open the door to what’s possible in your family food garden.

I’ve worked with Honey Home, Nine Honey, Kiddipedia, Better Homes & Gardens, Kidspot and many more, educating parents about growing organic food with their family. It doesn’t matter when you start, you just need to take that first step and I’m here to help you take it.


Inside the course, we talk about organic gardening as a long-term strategy of working with nature and the natural synergies in your food garden. When you’re starting out, or Mother Nature throws you a curve ball, you need some quick-fix solutions that won’t cost the earth.

We’ve compiled 27 remedies that will help you defend your patch against:

Aphids, Ants, Bronze orange bug, Cabbage white butterfly & moth, Citrus leaf miner, Earwigs, Fruit fly, Grasshoppers, Mealybug, Millipedes, Nematodes, Scale, Snails & slugs, Slaters, Stink bugs, thrips, Whiteflies


What’s included 

Understanding the role of nature

Adopting lifestyle changes


Steps to scaling your production


The practice of saving money growing food


Basic organic pest control methods

Organic matter and why it matters


Appreciating the organic circle


Long-term organic goals


Harnessing worm power


The secret to a healthy production

Setting up a balanced eco-system


Organic gardening principles


Course members 

“I highly recommend the online organic gardening workshops. It was easy to follow along with. I just plugged in my ear phones and could watch it while feeding my baby or once she had gone to sleep”.

Carmel Harris

Mum, group member, 2018 Organic Food Garden Workshop

“Family Garden Life gave me everything I needed to finally get my garden up and running. For the first time in years, I have a flourishing herb garden and am now in the process of revamping my veggie garden. And I have beautiful flowers growing in hanging baskets along the full length of my verandah for the first time ever. I could not have done it without Becky and her brilliant course. It gave me all the knowledge I needed, but in bite-sized pieces, so I could implement it without getting overwhelmed. Thanks, Rebecca Searles!!.”

Cindy Kennedy

Mother, business owner, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“Highly recommend Family Garden Life’s Organic Food Garden course to get you started growing organically. It literally takes you from the ground up with practical and easy to apply information. As a visual learner with a memory like a sieve, the worksheets provided for each module are a great reference after you’ve completed them. The Facebook groups also provide a great ongoing source of support and information. Definitely, recommend giving this course a go!

Laura Creagh

Group member, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“I’m so glad I came across Family Garden Life. The course that was offered came at exactly the right time. I wanted to create an organic garden with my two little ones but was totally clueless & didn’t want to waste money just ‘having a go’. I was able to understand what was needed to grow organic food for my family and how to do it in an easy step by step process without the overwhelm I had been feeling prior to finding Family Garden Life. I loved sharing some of the videos with my kids too and they got excited to help out in the garden. The support during the course was awesome and the community continues to be supportive whenever I have more questions! I often find myself sending friends to the Family Garden Life community knowing how much support they will get and how much they will learn.”

Nikki Veliz Merzliakov

Mum of 2, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“Whether you are starting a vegie garden from scratch or hoping to improve an existing garden, the e-course is full of useful information. I love that you can do the modules at your own pace.”

Mary Ireland

Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“I recently did the free online organic gardening course through Family Garden Life and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting their own veggie patch at home. It touches base on all the key elements needed and I can’t wait to put it all into practice. Thanks so much for offering it 😀”.

Courtney Foster

Group member, 2019 FREE Start-up Vegie Patch Basics

“The FGL-Our Food Garden page is amazing! A great, supportive community of like-minded gardeners. Rebecca’s Organic Food Garden Workshop was full of useful, no-nonsense tips and advice. The worksheets were easy to follow and helped me refocus some gardening goals and essential “to-do’s”.

Catherine Nichols

Group member, 2018 Organic Food Garden Workshop

“I highly recommend the Family Garden Life online course. It’s an excellent guide for setting up your organic garden, filled with practical tips and solutions. My kids now love growing their own produce.”

Melanie Aslanidis

Mum of 2, business owner, Organic Food Garden 101 Program


Do I need to know how to garden to do this course?

Absolutely not. You don’t need any knowledge. However, it’s a good idea to complete the FREE course – Start-up Vegie Patch Basics before starting this one.

Do I need to have a garden to do this course?

No, you don’t need to have an established garden. Getting the right knowledge before you start can help you establish the right system from day one.

How is Organic Action Plan delivered?

Once you register, the course will be delivered over 5 days via email. All you have to do is click through to the lesson each day and watch the video and follow the lesson plan.

Do I have to do a lesson each day?

This course is paced so you can absorb each lesson in manageable chunks, however, if you would like to do it faster or slower then you can. On day 1, you will get all 5 links to the 5-day lesson plan.

Does the course expire?

No, the course does not expire, however, this could change at any time. I cannot guarantee that this course will stay at this price or in this structure forever.

Is this course only for families?

No, this course can be taken by anyone interested in starting a food garden. Feel free to share this page with anyone.

Is organic gardening expensive like organic food?

No, definitely not. It’s actually the opposite. Organic gardening will cost you less. You can grow organic food and save money.