Nature play garden for kids: Explore the amazing benefits

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Family Outdoors, In the Garden

Creating a natural play backyard for your kids is important for any growing family. With so much technology available at their fingertips it’s so important to encourage them to go outside and play when at home.  A nature play garden is a great way to get kids outside.

Check out our top tips to consider when planning your nature play garden.

1. Safe plants

Selecting the right plants for your children is important when you are planning your garden.  There are so many spikes, thorns, and poisonous plants that children can get their hands on.  Kids Gardening website has an extensive list of plans that are safe for planting.  With the safe plant list, ensure you create colour, texture and smells that will delight the sense and wonder of children.

Depending on the size of your backyard get creative with your planting and create hidden trails and secret areas.

2. Play areas and nature play

Bringing the indoors outside by including blackboards, small clotheslines for hanging their artwork, and even building a race car track are great options to include in your backyard.  If you have room, a small bike and scooter path is also a great option to border your vegetable gardens.  Bird feeders, stepping stones, climbing objects can also be incorporated as great play areas for the kids.

3. Trampoline inground

There are so many trampolines available on the market these days but I think your safest options is inground.  These look sleek and blend into your garden without being an eye saw.  Check out these great ideas for inground trampolines at Oz Trampolines.

4. Grassed area

A soft area for kids to land needs to high on the list when planning.  There are so many options these days that it doesn’t need to be grass.  You may want to include mulch, artificial grass, or rubber.  For me personally, you can’t beat the real thing!

5. Veggie patch

Of course, you can’t go past building your own family veggie patch.  Gardening with kids is a healthy, fun activity which builds autonomy, healthy eating foundations, and environmental responsibility.  It teaches them where real food comes from. Check out our blog on growing your own pizza garden.

6. Cubbyhouse or treehouse

Growing up, our treehouse was a very fond memory.  There are so many ideas on the web on how to create a playhouse for kids. These include tents, treehouses or kids timber playhouses.   Adding a mud kitchen, flower bed, and space inside for reading & craf creates a fun environment for imaginative play.

7. Animals

There’s nothing like some chooks, a puppy or cat, guinea pigs, or even rabbits to complete your nature play garden.  A pet is an amazing gift to get your kids for their outside time. It not only encourages them outside more, but it separates the outside from the inside. That’s a great way to keep their engagement for longer.

Remember planning is the key to an amazing kid-friendly nature play garden at home.  It isn’t easy but if you do your homework you’ll be able to plan a valuable space for the kids. Create a magical garden and your kids will cherish their childhood memories.