Make your own magical fairy garden school

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

It only takes a little magic to make a fairy garden school come alive!

Recently, my friend bought me a beautiful birdbath for my birthday. After a couple of months, I found the top of it on the garden floor with a large crack in it. I’m guessing a possum had tried to get a drink and had knocked it down. The crack wouldn’t seal and so it sat there, forlornly, waiting for a new purpose.

Then one day my daughter decided she wanted to make a school for her garden fairies and had spent time choosing the perfect accessories. The trouble she was having was finding the perfect spot, somewhere safe and elevated where she could admire the fairy school each time she was outside. Then inspiration struck. The birdbath was the perfect location because it was just big enough to create her fairy school complete with a playground and a garden of its own.


Bird Bath Fairy School

When school is filled with this much magic, why wouldn’t you want to go!

A great way to repurpose an old birdbath as well.Check out all the fairy school play equipment here:

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Fairy Garden School

What you need:

  • Upcycled birdbath
  • Succulent mix
  • Flowering succulent cuttings
  • Decorative stones
  • Artificial moss
  • Tooth Fairy School
  • Blue Fairy Bicycle
  • Fairy Slippery Slide
  • Hopscotch Stone Pathway
  • Fairy Tree Swing
  • Skater Boy Fairy
  • Fairy Seesaw
  • Fairy lights for extra magic


Fairy garden bird bath Fairy garden school - tooth fairy school

She set about putting the birdbath Fairy Garden school together. Firstly, filling the bowl with a good quality succulent mix, after all, all fairies need plants in their schoolyard. Then she placed the Tooth Fairy School in position. With my help, we planted beautiful flowering succulents around the back and sides of the school. We also gave them a spray of water to settle them in.

Succulents Fairy garden school - blue bicycle

She covered the soil at the front of the school with lovely decorative green stones and then cut a piece of fake moss into the shape of grass to give the fairies somewhere to sit. A bit of time was spent arranging all the amazing play equipment inside the playground area.

The blue bicycle and rack were a favourite specially selected because the fairies needed to keep fit cycling to and from school. The fairies also got a slippery slide, a hopscotch stone pathway leading to the school, a fairy tree swing with a fairy swinging happily on it, a skater boy fairy who is always up to mischief (or so she tells me!) and a fairy seesaw.

Fairy garden school - hop scotch Fairy garden school see-saw

Fairy tree swing Fairy garden school - play time

The best part was when night fell and the solar-powered Tooth Fairy School lit up, all the windows and door glowing. It really felt as if the fairies had moved in and were settling down for the night.

We are really happy with our Fairy Garden school and it continues to delight us, especially at night as our Tooth Fairy lights up the school before preparing to fly around to the children who have placed a lost tooth under their pillow.

Not only that, but we have saved a birdbath from landfill and given it a beautiful new purpose. Now, that’s magic.