These rock bugs and beetles will make you smile

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Kids Garden Activities

Rock bugs and beetles are a great way to add some fun and colour to your garden or even your plant pots.

One of the teacher’s at my kid’s school made a similar ladybug to ours. It was painted red and black, covered in spots and also given wiggly eyes. The ladybug was given a name by the class and then sent home and looked after by each child individually. You can just imagine the amazing adventures this ladybug went on. On return, the adventure’s were then shared with the whole class.

My daughter loved this idea and wanted to make her own ladybugs. She invited some friends over so they could join in the fun.

Rock bugs and beetles

We sourced a bag of polished assorted pebbles which were ideal for this project. The kids shared them out, then using the acrylic paint they carefully painted their stones. To achieve a solid coverage we allowed the pebbles to dry and applied a couple of coats to each.

They decided to make bees, ladybugs and some funny monster style bugs with many eyes. The bees were painted yellow, the ladybugs red and the monster style bugs, any colour they fancied.

Once the base colour was dry, they used black acrylic paint to create the faces and a maxi permanent marker to add detail to their bugs. They then used junior PVA glue to attach the wiggly eyes.

rock bugs and beetles painting base coat  rock bugs and beetles finished rocks

Imaginative play

Then it was out into the garden to decide what to do with their bugs. They made a trail of bugs and beetles across the grass which they followed. Then they took it in turns to hide the bugs in the garden for a creative game of hide and seek.

I made a grid for them on a piece of paper and they used bees and ladybugs to play tic, tac, toe. When it started to get dark, the bugs were carefully placed around the garden. They would no doubt be visited by the fairies once everyone was asleep.

This was a great project to do with the kids. It allowed them space to be creative and gave them the opportunity to use their imagination.

The rocks can be decorated in so many different ways. They could be used as plant markers for your food crops like tomatoes, cucumber and carrots. You could also paint hearts, birds, feathers, and anything else they can think of. The only limitation is their imagination.

This is such a great way to spend time connecting with your kids. Plus you’ll discover lots of creative ways you can use your rock bugs and beetles in your garden. If you’re looking for more garden fun check out our Kids Garden Fun section.