Our magical fairy garden party to celebrate friendship

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

Fairy Garden Party

There is something so magical about a fairy garden party and the fairy party decorations, especially when you are young. Even as an adult, I have to admit, looking through a lens and seeing the atmosphere was pretty amazing.

Planning a big party, with all the bells and whistles, is lovely to be able to give your kids, but it can be a lot of work and very expensive too. We found that with a few fairies lights and butterflies, plus a super cool activity we created the perfect event that didn’t break the budget.

You can ditch the fairy wings and fairy costumes when your guests are aged over 8 years old. Instead, keep the fairy party decorations simple and focus on activities which involve play and fun. Then they can create their very own fairy garden, using flower fairies and fairy ornaments and make it their own. Now that’s a great way to replace the standard lolly bag as well. I’ve wasted so much money over the years on party bags filled with junk.

Garden Kids

Our family garden is our haven. It’s a place we spend most of our family time together. Why? Because it offers so much and connects the kids with nature, even if it’s just a matter of going barefoot. It’s just so good for your health and wellbeing.

We decided that our garden fairy party, wasn’t going to be laced with sugary treats or paper plates and cups. Instead, we chose simple no-fuss food, glass to drink from and there was no need for plates. We were thinking sustainability and simplicity which freed up our time in the kitchen preparing food.

The afternoon was the perfect time for a garden fairy party because as the sun started to set, the fairy lights begin to twinkle a little brighter, which really set the mood for a magical atmosphere.

Fairy Party Decorations

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the fairy party decorations, especially if you take the time to see what’s out there. Fairy lights and inexpensive and make a huge difference to the atmosphere, so look for impact on the table not on your wallet.

  • Trestle table sitting on milk crates, legs of the table tucked away
  • Layered tablecloths. We had a crocheted one on top for a vintage look
  • Log cushions (We got ours from Kmart)
  • Table decorations included:
    • Leaf-shaped placemats (Kmart)
    • Ivy garland (Kmart)
    • Mason jars with fairy lights (Kmart)
    • Stick-on butterflies (Spotlight)
    • Silver stones (We spray painted natural ones)
  • Material bunting for the fence and outdoor lights (Christmas icicle lights)

fairy party decorations mason jars with fairy lights fairy party decorations leaf place mats


Flower Crown

The girls wanted to keep their flower crowns so we decided to make our flower crowns everlasting. We shopped for craft components that looked amazing and natural without to much colour. We purchased paper stem wire (florist wire) and wove 2 pieces together to form a wider band. Then we used artificial long grass and wove this in between. A hot glue gun secured the ends, as well as the flowers, leaves and butterfly. Lastly, we completed the back of the flower crowns by adding coloured ribbon and letting the ribbon fall down with their hair at the back, like a rainbow of colours.

You can also use any leftovers for your fairy party decorations on the table.

  • Flower crown components what you’ll need:
    • 18 gauge paper wire, natural colour (Spotlight)
    • Artificial long grass, green (Spotlight – purchased on a stem)
    • Artificial flowers with leaves, white with yellow centre (Spotlight – purchased on a stem)
    • Hot glue gun and extra glue (Spotlight)
    • Butterflies (Spotlight)
    • Coloured ribbon (Spotlight – we used 5 different colours)

fairy party decorations flower crown fairy party decorations flower crowns on girls

Garden Games

  • Working together as a team the girls played games
    • Dancing fairies
    • Chinese whispers
    • Ring a ring a rosey
    • First one to laugh
    • Impersonations (flower, tree, butterfly)

fairy party decorations party games fairy party decoration garden ga


Fairy Garden Activity

  • DIY mini fairy gardens what you’ll need:
    • Cheap bowls (Kmart)
    • Succulent cuttings (from my collection)
    • Succulent soil (Bunnings)
    • Decorative stones (Bunnings)
    • Artificial moss (Spotlight)
    • Fairy accessories (Sourced from My Little Fairy Garden)
      • Lanterns & beehive
      • Toadstools
      • Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies


fairy party decorations fairy play fairy party decorations fairy ornaments and fairy garden

Fairy Party Food

Grab yourself some cheap cookie cutters in the shape of a flower and butterfly.

  • Flower Sandwiches, Yum. Simply spread strawberry jam (no butter) on a sandwich and then cut into flower shapes using the flower cutter. On the top slice of the flower, we cut a small hole for the flower centre using a small lid. This allowed the jam to show through and represent the centre of the flower.
  • Butterfly Sandwiches. We filled sandwiches with ham and cheese, then cut the butterfly shapes using the butterfly cutter.
  • Watermelon Flowers. Slice your watermelon and cut the flowers using the same flower cutter as the sandwiches. Then calve a small space in the centre of the flowers and placed a blueberry or a grape in the middle. You can also put the flowers on sticks.
  • Watermelon & Strawberry Juice. With the leftover watermelon, we blended up the watermelon and added strawberries and lots of ice. This was thick like a slushy and just what the girls were after.

fairy party decorations flower jam sandwiches

Fairy Garden Party?

Is a fairy garden party the right choice for your kids? I can officially report back and tell you that having a fairy party in the garden with 8-year-olds, was a huge success.

Sometimes you don’t need to think big for a special event, you just need to think outside, no box required. The experience was amazing, the atmosphere magical and the smiles were big and bright.

Please note: No shoes were required in the filming of this magical garden fairy party. We believe grounding (bare feet) is extremely important for the health and well-being of future generations (and fairies).