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FREE 5 Day Knowledge Builder

Deciding to start a veggie garden is the easy bit, the hard bit for some of us is getting started correctly. My goal is to get you started on the right foot.

In January we will be launching our FREE 5 Day Knowledge Builder, which will cover basic knowledge in taking the first steps towards growing organic veggies in your family garden or outdoor space.

FREE 5 Day Knowledge Builder

Our 5 Day Knowledge Builder is the foundation to growing food at home. Our aim is to inspire you to get growing and be confident and proud of what you are doing. In my eyes, you are already superhero’s making a difference to your children’s future. Come and join our group so you don’t miss out on the next session  click here.

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Food Garden e-course – Coming Soon

This e-course is designed to help families get started with organic gardening principles. It contains a wide range of topics in simple terms to ensure you feel confident and excited about your veggie patch. Organic gardening is all about keeping your patch clean and working with nature to address any issues which arise. Covering topics from soil types to homemade pest remedies and even preserving your harvest, this e-course is an holistic approach to ensuring your patch is healthy, productive and the food you grow is clean and fresh for your whole family to enjoy.

We know how time-poor parents are, our course can be accessed online, at your own speed, in your own timeframe and you can refresh a topic whenever you like.

Come over and join our group so you don’t miss the launch click here.

Food Garden e-course
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