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Register now for our FREE Organic Food Garden Workshop so you can get started with organic gardening principles. Growing food at home is such a rewarding experience for the whole family.

We choose to grow food at home for many reasons, including:

  • Teaching our kids where real food comes from
  • To learn and respect our land and everything in nature
  • As a way to ensure the food we feed our family is chemical and pesticide free
  • For the nutrient dense, fresh and organic benefits
  • To save money and work towards self-sufficiency

Organic gardening principles are centred around working with nature to ensure your plants stay healthy and strong and your produce is packed full of nutrients and flavour. You don’t need chemical fertilisers and pesticides to have a successful food garden, instead, we teach you about natural solutions which are not only safer for you and your family, but are essential to your organic success.

Our workshop is a 3-lesson online event. Don’t worry we are also parents, and we understand how hard it can be to juggle life. We’ve designed this FREE learning so it’s simple and valuable and you can work it into a parents lifestyle.

Most of all we want you to succeed in your food garden and grow food you know is clean, wholesome and fresh.

In our workshop you will learn:

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FREE Resources

Growing clean organic food at home with your family is an extremely rewarding and fruitful experience. To get you started and heading in the right direction we have some awesome FREE stuff for you and your family.


Just getting started?

Our FREE Start-Up Veggie Patch eBook is the perfect way to begin your journey into your very own family food garden. This download steps you through some basic knowledge and allows you to dream big.

Enjoy some yummy garden fresh recipes as well.

Not sure what to plant?

Australia is made up of many climates and this influences what you can grow each season.

We’ve collated planting guides for the 4 main climates where people live in Australia.

Click through and download the climate you live in.