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Kids products

  • Kids Garden - Pink tool kit in carry bag - childrens garden tools

    8 Piece Tool Kit in Carry Bag

  • Garden Gloves - Gardening Gloves for Toddlers

    Gardening Gloves for Toddlers (Ducky)

  • My Little Plot - Grow With Gratitude Kit - starter grow kit

    Grow With Gratitude Kit

  • Garden Gloves - Snug Garden Gloves For Kids

    Kids Close Fit Garden Gloves



Garden Gifts
Garden Gifts
Fairy Gardens
Garden Activities
Family Outdoors
Garden Kitchen


Garden tools

  • Bypass Secateurs small Econocut For Ladies

    Bypass Secateurs ( Small )

  • Cut and Hold Bypass Secateurs Pruners - garden secateurs

    Cut and Hold Bypass Secateurs

  • CutAbove Tools Bypass Secateurs Luxury - deluxe bypass secateurs - presents-for-mum

    Deluxe Bypass Secateurs

  • Garden Edging Shears - best grass shears

    Edging Shears


Sustainable kitchen

  • Sinchies Baby Toddler Feeding Kit- reusable squeeze pouches for baby food

    Baby & Toddler Feeding Kit

  • Worm Tech Bokashi Compost Bin light green lid - household waste recycling

    Bokashi Bin (Lime Green)

  • Worm Tech Bokashi Compost Bin

    Bokashi Compost Bin

  • Sinchies Camping Storage Kit - Sinchies reusable pouches

    Camping Storage Kit


Fairy gardens

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Bluebell Fairy

    Bluebell Fairy

  • My Little Fairy Garden Camper Van

    Camper Van

  • My Little Fairy Garden - Canterbury Bell Flower Fairy

    Canterbury Bell Flower Fairy

  • Deluxe Pink Fairy Garden Kit

    Deluxe Pink Fairy Garden Kit



  • Throw Some Seeds - Bee Friendly Collection

    Bee Friendly Collection – Heirloom Seeds

  • Green Sprouting Broccoli Microgreen Seeds

    Broccoli Microgreen Seeds (Green Sprouting)

  • Cabbage microgreen seeds

    Cabbage Microgreen Seeds (Red Sprouting)

  • Throw Some Seeds - chook friendly flower seed pack

    Chook Friendly Collection – Heirloom Seeds