We asked some gorgeous kids to test run a range of kids gloves. You’re going to love their honest opinions. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years when working with kids, you can’t make them do or say something they don’t want to. We gave the ‘official’ testers a wide range of kids gardening gloves to try and choose their favourites. This allowed them to weed out the range and select a pair of gloves based on their personal preference.

Kids Gardening Gloves

Wearing garden gloves is so important to not only protect their hands from insect bites, but also from bacteria in the soil and blisters.

What Kids Really Think!

We asked some kids about gardening and gardening gloves and they didn’t sugar coat their answers!

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Posted by Family Garden Life on Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Little Bugs Kids Garden Gloves

The first set of kids gardening gloves that the kids tried was the Little Bugs Kids Garden Gloves. These gloves are made from cotton with a knitted wrist to hold them snugly in place. They have a PVC dotted palm which helps your child have a more secure grip when they are digging in the garden. Available in two colours, blue with dragonflies, flowers and a leaf design or green with ladybugs, butterflies and bees.

They are perfect for children aged 5 to 10 and with their soft lining for extra comfort you will find they are perfect for the little gardeners in your family.

These gloves were popular with the children as they felt nice and soft inside and they loved the design with the butterflies and ladybugs.

Little Bugs - Kids Gardening Gloves Kids Gardening Gloves

Little Pal’s Polka Dot Gloves

Colourful, bright and fun, the polka dot patterned gloves were a very popular choice with the girls. This pair of cute gloves also has vinyl dots on the palm side of the gloves to help grip garden tools. Perfect for all types of mini yard work these gloves will keep hands clean and protected.

The polka dot gloves are also available in the Little Pal’s Garden Activity Kit. In the kit, they’ll get a kneeling pad, gloves and a set of tools. This set comes in pink and green.

Polka Dot Activity Set Polka Dot - Kids Gardening Gloves

Withgarden Kids Garden Gloves

The Withgarden fitted gloves were very popular. These gloves are made from latex and nylon which makes them a very snug fit that holds to your child’s hands. This allows them to still have the dexterity for those fiddly tasks like planting seeds or picking up weeds. These gloves feature an excellent grip with microfinish coating helping your child to feel protected and comfortable at the same time. The gloves have a waterproof coating on the palm area and offer a breathable section at the back of the glove.  Importantly, these gloves are machine washable (in cold water) and provide UV protection. You can purchase them in a red or green colour.

The children loved this glove as it was red and nice and smooth on the inside.

Withgarden fitted gloves Withgarden fitted gloves - kids gardening gloves

Little Pals Rigger Gloves

The final gloves that were tried were the Little Pals Rigger Gloves. These gloves come in Green if you get the Little Pals Tool Pouch Kit. Made from a tough cotton to ensure durability and provide long-lasting wear. They protect little hands with the extra fabric over the knuckles. Just the assurance you’re looking for so they will be safe when they are digging holes, cleaning up leaf litter or harvesting your latest crop of vegetables.

These gloves also feature as part of the Little Pals Tool Pouch Kit. This set consists of a metal fork and trowel, the gloves and a utility belt they can wear around their waist – I can assure you from experience with my son that they don’t want to take this off.

The children felt that these gloves were green and nice and slippy. What a fantastic description don’t you think? Check it here


More in the range

You’ll also find gloves for kids which are younger and gloves for kids that are early teens, like these Pink Floral Gloves. My niece loves her’s and she’s 12.

Kids Gardening Gloves - range shot

Gardengloves.com also has an amazing range of gloves for adults so head on over and take a look. I’m sure once you try them you will wonder how you ever gardened without them.

Happy gardening!