If you are looking for a Kids Cubby House, then you might just appreciate an inside peep into what kids think about cubby houses and what they would like inside. One thing we have learned is that ask a child and you’ll get an honest answer!

A Kid’s Perspective

Who are My Cubby?

They have been designing and building cubby houses for the Australian market for over 6 years, and now have over 1000 cubbies in family gardens around Australia.

You’ll love the story of My Cubby and how Gail and Paul, who own My Cubby, started off as many of us do, looking for the ideal kids cubby house for the Australian climate. They wanted their children to use imaginative and active play, and you would think this was something they could find easily. But no, they were bitterly disappointed with what they found on the market.  Many cubbies that were available were being used as toy storage and were places that children avoided due to lack of light and they were just too hot to play in.

They wanted something different, a kids cubby house where children enjoyed fun and laughter with lots of different play spaces and a place to allow imagination to grow.  My Cubby uses a fantastic builder with over 30 years of building experience. Safety is paramount in the design, right down to the smallest detail like changing the gradient of the steps to make children less likely to fall.

There are several different cubbies to choose from or you can customise your own!  Let’s take a look at what’s available in the range.


The Kids Cubby House

So let’s have a look at what My Cubby has to offer.

The Duplex

The Duplex gives our children two levels, with stairs leading up and a slide to exit.  There is plenty of room inside to set up a kitchen or to make a den.  The design of this cubby is flexible and can be made to order to fit into your garden.  How’s that for the cubby house dream!

My Cubby Duplex Cubby wooden cubby house

The Triplex

The Triplex offers the best of both worlds with a fantastic playhouse and an upper-level fort.  There is so much room in this cubby house to play hide and seek and use their imagination. This cubby could be a castle, a pirate’s lair, a safe place to hide from dinosaurs!  A world of possibilities awaits your child.

My Cubby Triplex Cubby - kids cubby houe

The Mega Triplex

If you’ve got the space, the mega triplex is for you.  It is the largest kids cubby house available and again offers you the flexibility to design to fit your garden.  This cubby house allows extra height giving you a huge playhouse.  As the children said, this one would fit your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom!  Not only that, it will also allow an adult a comfortable height so you can return to your inner child.

Cubby House (Mega Triplex) the kids cubby house

The Classic

If you are after a classic style cubby, ‘My Cottage’ is for you.  You’ll love how it fits in compact areas but still be large enough to encourage adventures.  Made from Weathertex cladding making it built to last.  I love how it can be elevated if you want and you can also add rock walls, slides or a fireman’s pole which means the kids will get exactly what they want. It’s awesome how the windows slide open because it allows for cross ventilation in the summer time.

Cubby House (Classic) - kids cubby house

The Fort

The Fort cubby comes in three different sizes, to suit your needs and your space.  You’ll love how high the fort is inside because it means the kids can never outgrow these cubbies!  Just add your favourite optional accessories to make it exactly how you want. These include things like slides, swings, or fireman’s poles.

Fort Cubby (Medium)

All of these cubby house DIY kits are sent to you unpainted, so you and your children can choose how to decorate so your dream becomes a reality.

You are only limited by your imagination.  Enjoy!