Imagination play in the garden and why kids benefit

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

We hear so often now adults bemoaning that children spend too much time in front of screens and not enough time playing, exercising and using their imaginations. Imagination play is the perfect solution.

So, why is this important?

Imagination Play

Well, research shows that when children use their imagination in play they do better at school, develop great problem-solving strategies and they are more creative.

In terms of skill development children who create games and role play build better social skills as they learn to compromise and cooperate with their friends and family. Their vocabulary improves as they try out new language in a ‘safe’ setting where they will not be judged if words are misused. Children are also encouraged to think and plan their games, deciding on the ‘rules’ of the game and what roles they will play. They also experience positive and negative feelings during play. Allowing emotions to develop and understanding how to deal with different situations sets them up for later life. Lastly, they develop physically, whether that is through using fine motor skills, or upper body strength when climbing (source: Living and Loving).

Cubby Houses

A cubby house is a perfect setting for encouraging imaginative play. There are so many different ways a cubby house can be used. Here we give you a few examples:

Imagination play - house cleaners Mega triplex cubby


If you are anything like me, your children will have been to the local coffee shop once or twice in their lifetimes. Watching the counter staff take your order, the waitress deliver your coffee, the other patrons in the restaurant chatting, eating and drinking.  My children always love setting up a restaurant or café. Taking a lot of time planning the food and drinks they will offer (pretend of course), drawing up a paper menu, setting the tables with child-friendly knives and forks, putting on an apron, taking my order and delivering it with style!

imagination play - cafe Cafe play


As a child I loved nothing more than taking my toy cash register, setting up my toys and making paper money so my family could ‘shop’ at my store.  The cubby is a perfect setting for your child’s supermarket and allows them the space to set up their goods without getting under your feet.  Kids love making the announcements over the tannoy which relate to today’s bargains.  Go on in and grab yourself a bargain!

Doctor’s surgery

Teddies and dolls are ideal patients for your budding Doctor.  Walking in you meet the receptionist, you take a seat and wait for your name to be called.  Next to the Doctor is a little seat where you have a thorough check up as they look in your ears, check your heart rate, take your temperature, apply any band-aids and give you some advice.  Leaving with a handwritten prescription in hand for the medicine that will make you better can only put a smile upon your face.

Triplex cubby imagination play classic cubby

It is amazing how many different options for your children once they have a cubby house.  Once they are outside in the garden so many different activities occur.  Playing tag and using it as a ‘safe’ spot and I love watching them running around and expending the energy which will later encourage them to sleep well.  Go on over and take a look at My Cubby.  You will be glad you did.