5 presents for mum that will make her garden bloom

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Family Outdoors

If your mum is anything like mine, when I ask her if there’s something she would like for Mother’s Day, she will always tell me not to buy anything. To be fair, when my husband asks if there’s a gift I would like from my children I say the same. The beauty of having a gardening Mum is that there’s always something that will make the job easier. Your tools might need to be replaced, something for comfort or maybe something to decorates that sacred space. So, if you have a Mum like mine, have a look at these fabulous presents for mum to give yourself a little inspiration.

Plus if you’re anything like me, well, this may just help you answer that question ‘What do you want for Mother’s Day?

Gift ideas for mum

Cut Above Tools

Secateurs are an essential gardening tool and these Luxury Bypass Secateurs are the ideal gift for Mum. They are perfect for fitting snuggly into Mum’s hand and at only 145 grams they are lightweight and easy to use. I love the simple locking and unlocking function. They come with a 2-year warranty and the opportunity to purchase replacement parts.

These are popular with keen gardeners and one of Cut Above Tool’s best-selling secateurs. You’ll find a clean, precise, cushioned cut and will make Mum’s gardening experience so much more pleasurable. If your Mum’s secateurs are like mine, rusty, dull and in need of replacement, then these are the perfect gift.

CutAbove Tools Bypass Secateurs Luxury - deluxe bypass secateurs - presents-for-mum Cut Above Tools-presents-for-mum


There are so many gardening jobs that are difficult on the body. A part of my body that seems to feel it the most is my knees, particularly as I get older. I had bought a cheap kneeling pad from a local retailer but it doesn’t give me the comfort I need. Kneepal was designed by a mother to provide support for all those jobs we need to do around the home. These include jobs such as gardening, bathing babies, washing dogs and cleaning to name but a few.

This is the perfect gift for when you are weeding, planting seedlings, turning soil or just watching your plants grow. The Kneepal is made of polyurethane. It’s ergonomically designed to provide cushioned support to your knees and back.  Not only that, but it’s waterproof so it won’t mind getting wet as you work. Do your Mum a favour and invest in this kneeler to make her life more comfortable.

Kneepal green garden kneeling pad-presents-for-mum

Throw Some Seeds

My mum loves indoor plants, dad says he needs to build her another room just for the plants. Keeping indoor plants alive and healthy is always a challenge. Throw Some Seeds has two products that will make your Mum’s indoor plants thrive.

These products are by Munash Organics and are an indoor plant soil food and an indoor plant foliage spray. The soil food is natural, safe and non-toxic, made from rock minerals and formulated to boost the nutrients in your soil.  Just a teaspoon every couple of months is all you need in each plant. The indoor foliage spray is formulated from natural sea minerals. This will give your plants a nourishing boost making them healthy and happy. A quick spray every couple of weeks is all you need to see the benefits.


presents-for-mum-tss-plant-spray presents-for-mum-plant-food


Swingz N Thingz

We all know how busy being a Mum is. Some days you feel lucky if you can drink a hot cup of tea. This Mother’s Day let Mum relax with these gorgeous hanging chairs from Swingz N Thingz. The chairs are incredibly comfortable for all ages but particularly great for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. They are great for rocking unsettled little ones to sleep on your lap. They offer a cosy place to snuggle up and read bedtime stories as well. Or just somewhere for mum to relax with a G&T when everyone is asleep.

Hanging from a single point it’s like floating on air and they offer excellent back support. You’ll find them so much more comfortable than a rocking chair or a hammock. They can be hung from a verandah or a tree so when you’re on the road, roll it up into a neat bundle. Nothing better than taking comfort with you when you’re camping or on picnics.

Made with fadeproof outdoor, marine canvas that has been proven to withstand all elements. Swingz N Thingz still sees many original chairs still in use today after over 35 years in business.

With a great range of canvas colours. These chairs use Australian hardwood dowel, UV stabilised rope and stainless steel hardware. Each chair can also hold up to 200kg. With free delivery Australia wide and the option to add a footrest, pillow or drink holder to complete the indulgence, go ahead and treat Mum today. She will be forever glad you did.



No Plastic Bags

There is nothing worse than arriving at the shops to discover you’ve forgotten your shopping bags. It’s so annoying having to purchase more to add to the collection you are building up at home. No Plastic Bags have kept this top of mind. They have designed beautiful 100% cotton mesh bags which fold up so small they can easily be kept in your handbag. The bags are strong, durable and designed to have a good capacity. This means you can fit a decent amount of shopping in each bag.

They can easily be washed when dirty, making life easier for mum. Bags can be bought singularly or in sets. The best value is a set of 10 which brings down the cost of each bag and also costs the same in postage as if you purchase a set of 5. If 10 is too many for mum, I’m sure she won’t mind you sharing them with you.

Reusable shopping bags - eco shopping bags-presents-for-mum