Find out why this garden kneeler is the best investment!

by | Oct 3, 2018 | In the Garden

As I get older, I find some of the things I used to be able to do, I struggle with now. I didn’t use to think about getting up or down and how that affected my knees. I remember kneeling for long periods of time as I bathed my babies, scrubbing floors or spending time in the garden weeding. It was really tough. Now, its all about comfort. Making sure I don’t put stress on my joints and looking after my body. This is why I started looking for a garden kneeler, and here’s what I found.

I was relieved to discover a product that has been ergonomically designed. It also cushions my knees and provides support for my body when kneeling. I started to use it in the garden and haven’t looked back since.

Using my Garden Kneeler

This month I’ve been planting seedlings in my food garden. I have put in tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions, capsicum, cucumbers, beetroot and basil. A real salad garden in preparation for the hot weather ahead.

Preparing the soil, weeding and planting meant I spent a long time on my knees so the Kneepal was put to good use. I found it protected my knees, providing them with a soft cushion and prevented my back from aching afterwards. Not only that but as the Kneepal elevates me off the lawn I didn’t come into contact with any bindi. One of my arch enemies.

Seed raising Kneepal garden kneeler veggie patch

From humble beginnings

A grandmother in South Africa when bathing her grandchildren had realised that her knees needed support and comfort. She set about designing the Kneepal and with her husband and daughter, spent 4 years working with 3 factories before she was happy with the design.

Launched in 2012 winning the Silver Award for Product Innovation, this product has grown in popularity and thankfully, is now available in Australia.

Kneepal is made of the finest grade water-repellent PVC foam and is designed to offer shock absorption and durability.  It is ergonomically designed to cradle and cushion your knees and support your back while kneeling.

Available in four different colours, green, pink, aqua and charcoal allows you to choose one that matches your taste or the gift recipient.

Kneepal garden kneeler garden tools Kneepal garden kneeler - repoting plants


Benefits and uses

The Kneepal can be put to so many good uses.

  • I’ve used it in the garden weeding and weeding in between pavers.
  • I was sowing seeds on the back deck and found it very valuable on this hard surface.
  • For re-potting plants, it’s awesome.
  • My friend has bought one for when she bathes her little one and dresses her toddler.
  • I lent mine to our friend’s husband, who is an electrician, and he took it to work because he’s always on his knees and they are becoming really worn out now.
  • It’s perfect for painting skirting boards, just ask my hubby.
  • You can use it when you’re washing the dog. It’s perfect for this job because it’s completely waterproof.
  • If you’ve got a partner who loves working on their car, it’s an absolute winner. They’ll love you forever.


One thing you’ll find in common with all the Kneepal owners is that they can’t live without them.

I would highly recommend putting a Kneepal on your Christmas list or gift it to someone special who could really do with one. Once Santa puts this under the tree you won’t mind kneeling to distribute the presents.