Flower seeds. How to make bee friendly seed balls!

by | Mar 20, 2018 | In the Garden, Kids Garden Activities

The kids will have so much fun making our bee-friendly seed balls using flower seeds. Bees and flowers make up such a vital component of our food garden production.

So much of Australia’s agricultural output depends on the honey bee. Without their amazing ability to pollinate our crops, we would be extremely limited to our food source. So that’s why bees are fundamental to your garden at home. Plus sharing an activity like this with the kids is a great way to educate them on the importance of pollination and welcoming pollinators into their food garden.

Flower seeds

You can include certain flowers in your veggie garden that will attract beneficial insects which are needed to pollinate our crops, and honey bees are the most valuable in performing this process. Some amazing flowers to include in your garden to attract the bees include Catnip, Borage, Lavender, Sweet Basil & Chives. Why not try growing them from seed?

Many flowers are great for attracting pollinators, including the plants that belong to the daisy family. These flowers provide more bang for your buck in terms of pollen. They are what’s known as Compositae, which means they are made up of many flowers, not just one. You’ll find they are also big seed producers and often self-seeding other parts of your garden.

You can use lots of different types of flower seeds or you can choose a mix of bee-friendly seeds.

Watch how we made our bee-friendly seed balls on Kidspot.

What you’ll need

  • 2 cups of bentonite clay
  • 1 cup of fine organic soil
  • ½ cup of organic fertiliser
  • 1 pack of bee-friendly seeds
  • water
  • tray for drying


  • Add clay, soil, and fertiliser to a bowl and mix well
  • Then add your bee-friendly seeds
  • Start to add small increments of water at a time

Your goal is to get a play-doh like consistency so keep adding water until you achieve this. Using your hands, roll golf ball-sized balls and place on a tray. The tray should be placed in a cool, dry spot overnight. Note: Don’t compress them too much or the seeds will find it hard to germinate.

Bee Collecting Nectar From a Flower Seed Flower Seeds in Bloom

The next day the kids can throw them around the garden.

Keep them well watered and your seeds will have the perfect starting point to colour your garden with bee-friendly flowers.