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We believe in self-sufficiency, sustainability, mindfulness and enjoying all the benefits of a family garden. From growing your own organic food at home with the kids to keeping chickens and bees or even a small balcony herb garden, we are here to help you become more self-sufficient.

Our values are strong in sustainability and teaching kids about our footprint that we leave on this earth. Their future is in our hands right now.

Mindfulness comes in many shapes and forms and is essential for our health and wellbeing. From outdoor play and family projects to harvesting veggies or even pulling weeds (something I love), finding a place to allow your mind to breathe and enjoy a connection with nature is simply priceless.

I’m Becky Searles, I’m a wife, mum, home gardener, ethics teacher, taxi driver (for my kids) and the founder of Family Garden Life. I believe we all make our own paths to where we are today, and there is a reason why you are here right now. We hope you stay and enjoy this hub we have created for you and your family.

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Learn, grow, and connect in our Learning Centre where you can get started growing organic food with your kids. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re ready for your food garden to be 100% organic. We also have 3 FREE Facebook groups you can join for advice, support, and friendship.


From bug hotels to fairy gardens, bird seed ornaments, garden craft journals, no-dig gardens, succulent gifts and flower crowns. You name it we’ve created it and our blog is where you’ll find all the instructions you’ll need to have a go yourself. Be inspired and enjoy connecting with nature in your family garden.

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We support Farmer Cookbook

Our farmers are struggling to feed their cattle, irrigate their crops, pay their mortgages and care for their families, all the while feeding the people of Australia.

We all know there are moments in life when you feel helpless and problems seem too great to solve. You feel like hiding, hanging your head in shame and walking away from it all. Droughts this bad means all farmers can do is open the gate, let the stock find feed where they can and wait…

So while our farmers wait and many suffer, our collective hearts were drawn to action and we thought the time had come for us to step up, lean in and support those so desperately in need!

We are proud to support Farmer Cookbook which is a collection of stories and recipes from the land. Grab your copy today and help raise funds for our amazing Farmers.

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