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Newcastle NSW, Australia 2310


If you are looking for a business that is passionate about helping parents, educators, teachers and most of all children, then you've found the right business, CleverPatch™.

CleverPatch lives and breathes art and craft every day. You'll love how they only offer products which they are proud of and if they can't get them they simply design something from scratch.

Their goal is to make art and craft an EASY experience for you to enjoy. And when I say easy, I mean easy to buy and easy to make. They simply love sharing art and craft knowledge and because of that, it makes them easy to talk to and easy to understand. What more could you want?

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You'll find the team at CleverPatch have a holistic approach and commitment to ensuring your overall experience is great. This includes on-hand inventory and they ship orders quickly and efficiently (they dislike backorders too)!

If you are looking for a place to foster a child's thirst for exploration and freedom of creative expression then this is the place. They are definitely not about pipe cleaners and beads, that's for sure.

They even have a dedicated crafty team who love what they do and are always there to help you achieve your goals.

I love their commitment to their customers and to their team. They pride themselves on getting both right.  They're determined to be the spark that ignites the kid in all of us because CleverPatch is where ideas grow.

They truly value customer relationships and look forward to assisting you with your art and craft activities!

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Phone: 1300 836 522

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