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Worm Tech

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YENDA NSW, Australia 2681, Australia

Who is Worm Tech?

Worm Tech sure do know the benefits of worms! As a producer and supplier of 100% Australian compost worm products with over 20 years hands-on experience. Their vast experience includes farming, growing crops such as dried apricots (see Facebook ‘Sweet Halves’, seed crops, garlic, vegetables and fruit in the Riverina, NSW. An amazing part of the country!

It was only after years of using chemical fertilisers, that the owners of Worm Tech decided to incorporate natural fertilisers into their farming practices. As you can imagine, the results spoke for themselves with an increase in quality, production and overall plant and soil health! The chemical fertilisers were just not cutting it compared to the natural option.

With such a strong interest in biological fertilisers they also saw a huge opportunity for compost worms and byproducts.

Worms for composting

Embedded in everything they do at Worm Tech is their belief that worms are nature’s best recyclers and have been since the beginning of creation. The humble compost worm has an amazing ability to consume and excrete anything that was once a living organism can be matched by no known man-made process. Now that's efficient.

You have to question the impact added chemical fertilisers have on our health when added to our food crops. You can definitely taste the difference of a chemical-free grown piece of vegetable or fruit when you compare it to many bought in supermarkets. What you find in most shops who stock and store mass produced produce is that it might look appealing but often lacks taste and texture. It easy and satisfying to grow your own fruit and vegetables, and the weekly budget will like it to.

So why not try it – Grow chemical free organic fruit & veggies in your own backyard, improve your health and save money too!

At Worm Tech, their aim is to provide a natural alternative to chemical fertilisers which in turn:

  • Benefits the environment
  • Is better for human health
  • Improves plant resistance to disease and pests naturally
  • Enriches soil and plants chemically free
  • Promote better flowering and fruiting

Worms Farms Composting

Worm Tech has an amazing range of product including:

Worm Tech VermiHut Worm Farm Kit Delux

VermiHut Worm Farms

VermiHut Worm Farms turn your kitchen waste into the most amazing rich compost for your garden. With its awesome design, your worms can move freely between the shelves. Harvest their castings directly from the trays and add their nutrient-dense waste directly into your soil. You can also access the liquid gold from the tap below.

SHOP Worm Tech VermiHut Worm Farm Delux Kit CLICK HERE


Worm Tech Bokashi Compost Bin

Bokashi Compost Bin

Designed to sit inside your home the bokashi bucket can be placed in a suitable and convenient area such as under a sink. It uses a fermentation process which activates microbial activity to ferment organic waste, not compost it. Customers find the end result is an amazing fermented food waste that can be placed directly into the soil.

SHOP Bokashi Compost Bin CLICK HERE


Worm Tech EnsoPet Waste System

EnsoPet Waste System

This is such an amazing idea to easily and hygienically compost your pet waste. You can easily prevent it ending up in a landfill. Instead, return carbon back to your soil and rebuild your soil on a microbial level. Turm your animals poop into rich organic compost for your plants.

SHOP EnsoPet Waste System CLICK HERE


Worm Tech Live Worms

Compost Worms

Worms are amazing due to their ability to recycle waste. One of the best ways your family can work towards self-sufficiency and minimum waste practices at home is to embrace worms. Worms are nature’s recyclers who break down food scraps into rich pH balanced soil. Worm Tech specialises in compost worms which are used for many purposes.

SHOP Worm Tech Compost Worms CLICK HERE


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Phone: 02 69681921

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