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My Little Fairy Garden

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Byford, Western Australia, Australia

My Little Fairy Garden Australia

Step into the magical world of fairies with My Little Fairy Garden. Discover how you can welcome magic into your garden with their gorgeous range of miniature fairy houses, fairies, fairy doors, furnishings, garden accents, fairy friends and more.

We love supporting local businesses and it's businesses just like My Little Fairy Garden who support us too. I find that some businesses really cherish their status in the market and that makes them so easy to deal with. This isn't just in Western Australia either, it's all over Australia.

You'll find this amazing business prides themselves on delivering the most popular and highest quality products from around the globe.

Adults and children alike will enjoy the endless fun on offer when you create a magical miniature world.

All it takes is a selection of appropriate plants, some magical fairies and accessories and imagination to bring a fairy garden to life at your house.

Fairy Garden

My Little Fairy Garden - Flower Fairy Canterbury Bell Flower FairyCicely Mary Barker Fairies

Cicely Mary Barker Fairies

These spectacular flower fairies, come from the Cicely Mary Barker collection and are absolutely adorable. Made of polyresin, each flower fairy is hand painted and comes in its very own display box, including a biography of the artist. They make a popular collector's item and are especially welcomed into a child's home fairy garden.

Shop Cicely Mary Baker Fairies CLICK HERE


My Little Fairy Garden - Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection

If you're after a splash of colour in your fairy garden with a bit of magic, you can't go past the rainbow collection from My Little Fairy Garden. You'll find a rainbow everywhere you look. Let your fairies fly through the archway or tiptoe across the bridge or even eat a piece of rainbow cake!

Shop The Rainbow Collection. CLICK HERE


My Little Fairy Garden - Iron Fairy Collection

Iron Fairies

I love the Iron Fairy Collection especially since it has been created by West Australian artist Ashley Sutton. Each fairy has been made of iron and comes with magical dust and a poem describing her personality. Made deep beneath a garden grounds where the miners worked in the mine shafts. She is wrapped in cloth so has never seen sunlight. Follow the enclosed instructions to set your fairy free.

Check out the Iron Fairy Collection. CLICK HERE

My Little Fairy Garden - Garden Fairies Collection

Garden Fairies

This sweet range of fairies will brighten up any fairy setting. Maisie the Artist Fairy is the one featured in this image and she is a sweet little fairy who loves to get outside in nature and paint. Inspired by the beauty she finds outside in nature, Maisie loves to dream big and get a little messy while she paints in the garden.

Shop the range of garden fairies. CLICK HERE



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Phone: 0478 679 607

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