Fairy garden Halloween: The scariest wedding in town

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

Halloween, a night of witches, goblins, ghosts and fear is fast approaching. Our children are already preparing their costumes. They can’t wait to go trick or treating in the hope that they will end up with a bag of treats. They have also discovered, a fairy garden Halloween which is a perfect way to get creepy in the garden.

Halloween pumpkins are already available in the shops. If you’re lucky, you might have one in storage from your last crop which is just right. That way you’ll also be able to turn the inside of your pumpkin into healthy Halloween snacks. You could give pumpkin muffins or biscuits a try.

In Mexico and celebrated internationally, Day of the Dead is a festival where family and friends gather together to remember those they love who have passed away. It is a day of celebration where they remember the life once lived. It is believed that the souls of the dearly departed return to earth to provide support and advice to their family members and those souls are welcomed by offerings left outside the home. These include lollies, marigolds, food and candles.

People dress as skeletons and parade the streets celebrating the lives of their loved ones and welcoming them in their costumes.

Fairy Garden Halloween

In the garden, magic is always afoot and this is a fantastic time to set up a Halloween themed fairy garden.

The Day of the Dead Groom is waiting for his wife to appear. He has stood outside the Pumpkin Fairy House for some time and is starting to feel nervous that she will not come. The guests have arrived. The Day of the Dead Butterfly Fairy and Luna Fairy cackle quietly behind him over an old tale of times past. He looks over to the Spooky Tree where the owl is hooting. A low, echoing sound that puts fear into the hearts of those who are near.

Fairy Garden Halloween - Bride and groom catrina Pumpkin fairy house

Fairy Garden Halloween - Fairy Catrina and Luna Fairy Catrina Fairy Garden Halloween - day party

He hears a scampering. The Day of the Dead Kitty is approaching. This is a good sign. His bride is always followed by her cat. He bends to stroke the Kitty and she purrs loudly, ever vigilant awaiting her mistress.

Music starts to play as if by magic. The Magic Fairy Candles gutter and then glow brighter.  He looks towards the light and she appears. His future wife. The Day of the Dead Bride walks slowly towards his side. A smile playing upon her face because, in her hands, she clutches her bouquet of marigolds.

The Day of the Dead Poppy Fairy takes her place. She is responsible for the marriage ceremony and begins the wedding with the words, ‘Dearly Departed, we are gathered here this evening to celebrate the union of Catrin and Catrina.’

Fairy Garden Halloween - Poppy Fairy Catrina Happy Halloween Sign

My children eat enough lollies so this year, their treat will be the magic of a Halloween fairy garden.  Most importantly, because there are so many to choose from the only fear is putting my order in before they sell out.