You’ll love this fairy Easter activity that’s also chocolate free!

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Kids Garden Activities

It’s not long until Easter when our children, once again, become excited at the thought of a visit from a bunny. In my house that only means one thing. Chocolate, and lots of it.

At our place, we set up the Easter egg hunt in the garden. Usually, this makes for a lot of melted (or soggy) chocolate on the grass or hidden in tree branches. This year I’ve decided to make the Easter egg hunt more special and less likely to melt. I know my children will still want to spend time searching for the Easter bunny’s gifts and so I’ve decided to let the grandparents bring the chocolate. We’re going to give a gift that will last much longer than chocolate and provide endless hours of amusement as it’s destined for their special garden.

My Little Fairy Garden

My Little Fairy Garden has so many beautiful Easter kits that have been put together with a focus on imagination and play. After going through all their magical Easter selection, I decided on the Rabbit’s Easter Picnic Kit.

This kit has such a great selection of several pieces, that together make a beautiful fairy garden Easter setting. I’m trying to avoid plastic, but I want to wrap these items individually for the children to find in the garden. There are several ways of doing this, I could put them in a paper bag which I’ve decorated, or in a small paper box but I want to add plants as part of this gift so I made ‘eggs’ out of small terracotta pots and saucers. A bag of soil and a handful of fairy flower seeds will finish this gift off perfectly.

Fairy Easter -Rabbit family Fairy Easter - Sitting Gem Fairy

Fairy Easter

To make the terracotta eggs, I turn the saucer upside down and place on top of the pot.  I then tie this up with a piece of ribbon to hold it in place.  Inside, carefully wrapped are the individual pieces from the Rabbit’s Easter Picnic Kit.

Fairy Easter - Mini Bistro Set Fairy Easter - Mini Straw Basket

Rabbit’s Easter Picnic Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Sitting Gem Fairy. She will be perfect to guard the seedlings we plant in the terracotta pots.
  • There’s also a Rabbit family which includes a Mother and Baby rabbit.
  • Also included is a mini bistro set which has a table and 2 chairs, and a heart plate with treats to eat on top.
  • A set of 6 beautiful stepping stones painted in different colours gives them a place to walk.
  • Some fairy dust in a bottle and a straw basket where the fairy dust tucks neatly inside.
  • Lastly, there is a beautiful Easter Chick which makes this set complete.

fairy-Easter-terracotta-pot-eggs fairy-Easter-terracotta-pot-eggs-two

Once all the pieces have been found, the kids can decorate their pots, fill with soil and plant some fairy flowers. Then they can have fun arranging their Rabbit’s Easter Picnic Kit with the flower pots in a perfect spot in our garden. We’ll have a beautiful gift which will keep us amused all of Easter Sunday and for many years to come.