Easy homemade natural weed sprayer and fungicide remedies

by | Nov 9, 2017 | In the Garden

Weeds are such a minefield as soon as the weather starts getting warmer so making your own weed sprayer garden remedies is a cost-effective and organic way to combat your unwanted weeds. It would be great if you could select the plants you want to grow and turn the weeds off. Not so easy, however here are some remedies you can use at home that you will find in your food pantry. Not only extremely cost-effective but very convenient as well.

Weed sprayer remedies

Boiling water

As simple as this sounds, it’s a very effective weed remedy. Pour boiling water straight over the weeds.

Sodium chloride (table salt)

Dissolve salt in boiling water at a ratio of 1:8 (1  part salt to 8 parts water). Add a dash of dishwashing liquid and combine. Spray directly on weeds.

Vinegar spray

Spray vinegar directly onto the weeds. Don’t use this in garden beds or near plants or it will kill them as well. It will make the soil infertile. Great for use on paths.

Salt & citrus spray

1 x cup of salt, 4 x litres of water, and a splash of citrus oil. Spray directly on the weeds.

Gardening - weed & fungicide remedies

Fungicide remedies

Baking soda spray

1 x tablespoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of washing liquid plus 4 x litres of water. This has to be used, and can’t be stored. Water plants well before use to prevent burn. Spray on mildew including the underside of leaves.

General fungicide

50ml x skim milk with 450ml of water  Shake & spray on the fungus.




  • Remedies do not work for everyone, it’s about finding ones that work for you.
  • Never spray any pest or fungicide remedy on a hot day, spray when pests are most active in the late afternoon or evening. You could burn the plants.
  • Wash off the mixture from plants after a couple of days once the problem is solved.
  • Reapply if it rains.
  • When spraying weeds with herbicides be careful you don’t spray near your good plants, or they will die as well. These
    remedies are NOT selective.
  • Herbicides that contain salt or vinegar will change your soil fertility, so only use on paths and ‘non’ growing areas.
  • As with any kind of spray, please be careful with use in areas where family pets reside. Some ingredients could harm pets.
  • Family Garden Life accepts no responsibility for any remedies in this ebook. Remedies have been sourced from various websites and forums, as well as through personal experience.


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