An easy dinosaur garden to make this weekend

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Family Outdoors, In the Garden, Kids Garden Activities

Let’s face it, boys are hard to entertain in the garden.  My son loves anything that moves or involves water, so I needed to come up with an activity that involved both.  I realised it was actually a lot easier than I thought.  A Dinosaur Garden is the answer.

As soon as I started talking about the idea with my kids they were extremely excited, so I knew I was on to something.  Together we designed, purchased, painted and constructed an amazing garden complete with Dino Roar Planters and water!

Creating a dino garden

Creating childhood memories is what it’s all about, plus hours of play where kids can use their imagination to create and explore their prehistoric world in their very own way.  So let’s get building.

What we used:

Dino Roar Planters (handmade)
Box (hand-made by dad, painted by kids)
Bag of decorative pebbles (blue)
Decorative pebbles (mixed colours)
Handful of medium-sized stones (around the waterhole)
Basket liner coconut fibre (for the mountain)
Clear vinyl saucer (for the waterhole)
PVC bend (for the tunnel)
Succulent cuttings & plants from our garden (for the forest)
Ground cover plants (for the waterhole)
A few quarry rocks from our garden
Dirt from our garden


Steps in creating D.I.Y dinosaur garden

1. First, choose your base and paint it with a bright and fun colour.

D.I.Y. Dino Garden


2. Next, make the mountain out of the basket liner.  Simply make a hole with scissors and tie the 4 ends to each other with garden tie (see pics below). Make sure you overlap the ends so you form a bowl shape.  The ties need to remain inside the bowl.  Turn the bowl shape upside down and place over a mound of dirt.  With scissors, make holes for the plant cuttings to go through.  They need to go through the basket liner and into the soil underneath.  Continue building an area that will create the forest by adding more soil and plants.

D.I.Y. Dino Garden Dinosaur Garden

Dinosaur Garden D.I.Y. Dino Garden


3. Then, place the PVC pipe or similar in position, and add the soil around it to form a ramp up over the tunnel.  Continue building areas by adding more soil to create your landscape.  Position your tray for the waterhole and build the dirt up around it . Add some more plants to the waterhole and landscape with rocks of any shape and size.

D.I.Y. Dino Garden D.I.Y. Dino Garden


4. Add coloured pebbles to separate areas.  We used a medium-sized stone to define the waterhole and extended the blue pebbles out to create an area where the dinosaurs can reside at the water edge.

D.I.Y. Dino Garden D.I.Y. Dino Garden


5. Finally, time to bring in the dinosaurs.  We filled our Dino Roar Planters with soil and the kids selected their succulents for each of the planters.  These small kids spades were ideal to fill the dinosaurs.

D.I.Y. Dino Garden


6. Time to play with our awesome interactive dino garden.

D.I.Y. Dino Garden D.I.Y. Dino Garden

D.I.Y. Dino Garden D.I.Y. Dinosaur Garden

D.I.Y. Dino Garden D.I.Y. Dino Garden

D.I.Y. Dino Garden

D.I.Y. Dino Garden D.I.Y. Dino Garden