Create a pretend campfire with imaginative nature play

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

Kids using their imagination with nature play simply warms my heart.

It’s starting to warm up where we live and we’re already getting those really hot summer days. This is encouraging my children to spend more time in the garden as the sun starts to go down and the garden goes into the shade. My children have always loved


The other day the children decided they wanted to build a fire outside their camp. We wandered down to the local park and enjoyed finding appropriate sticks and kindling. Because we needed to make flames for our fire we searched for inspiration within nature on how we could do this. My daughter saw a branch that the cockatoos must have broken from the tree. It still had lots of leaves on it and she decided this would be a perfect way of making the flames for the fire. We collected a few of these and headed home.

In the garden, they built the sticks into a beautiful campfire. My son used two pieces to rub together to pretend to start a flame. Then they spent time painting the leaves of the branches so that the fire would come to life. They used acrylic paint in yellow and red. The painted leaves really gave their campfire the look of being alight. After warming their hands they decided to do some craft.

Nature play camp fire paint Imaginative camp fire

As the sun started to set, the children happily crawled into their teepee. They had placed down a blanket and a few cushions and they disappeared inside.  All I could hear was their laughter.

Warming hands by the camp fire