Organic Food

Garden 101

Intensive Program

Everything you need to know so you can grow organic food with your kids.


Is growing your own food something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start?

Are you confused by all the information out there in google land?

Have you spent loads of money on a food garden that failed?

YES? The Organic Food Garden 101 intensive program is perfect for you.

Everything you could possibly need to know about growing food in an easy to understand format.

New class registration opening April 2021








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Next class opens 12th April, 2021

3 x intensive core modules

1 x bonus module + 3 x extra bonuses

Limited spots

Doin’ it for the kids

Growing food can be expensive, really expensive. It can cost you time, energy and lots of $$$ along the way. Don’t be fooled into believing you won’t ever run into any problems either. Every gardener learns something new every day. Mother Nature will always remind you who’s boss, and it’s not you.

However, Mother Nature actually offers so much more than you realise. She might be the boss out there in your garden, but she certainly looks after those who work with her and see her true value.

If you really want to save money growing organic food with your family you need to adopt organic gardening principles and techniques. Working with nature means you’re not spending unnecessarily when all you need to do is harness what nature already does so well.

Set-up costs are inevitable, but once your system is working for you, the costs are recouped with an abundance of home-grown organic goodness.

I believe ANYONE can grow organic food at home with their family and it not cost the earth. That’s why I’ve created the Organic Food Garden 101 Intensive Program. Designed specifically for parents and childhood educators with all the knowledge you need to achieve just this. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s an easy to understand, highly practical and bursting with goodness eCourse that will give you and your family the confidence to grow organic food at home. It’s a long-term lifestyle change that will help shape the future for your kids.

Kids need our guidance for health & wellbeing so they can pave the way of future generations. Plant a seed for their future.

A food garden can be an expensive hobby,

or you can easily learn family-friendly organic gardening principles

…and save money.

Ongoing group support


This course is accessible anytime you need it and so is our intensive program private support group. We don’t leave you to go it alone, instead, we’ll be right there with you to help you and your family on your journey. Our goal is to keep you on track and taking those steps towards a productive and rewarding organic food garden lifestyle.

Any questions you have about the course, or your own food garden, can be asked and answered in this group.

We limit entry to this course so you get the help you need during the course roll-out. 

The intensive program unwrapped

Module 1:

Module 1:

The heart of rich organic soil

Laying a solid foundation for a sustainable production

Module 2:

Module 2:

Vegie, fruit & herb basics

Simplifying plants and exploring what’s possible in your food garden

Module 3:

Module 3:

Organic control & strategies

Using nature to defend, protect and enhance your crops

BONUS module:

BONUS module:

Quick start for beginners

Valuable shortcuts to a successful setup and production

What you’ll get

20+ lesson / information videos

Stepping you through the modules in simple, easy to understand snippets

25 + worksheets / downloads

Downloadable and editable worksheets to support your learning (environmentally-friendly)

7+ tutorials / expert chat videos

Support learning through reinforcement and practical demonstrations

5 planting guides by climate

Easy to read guides to help you make informed choices with crop selection

2 amazing eBooks

Discover the simplified version of companion planting & how to really save money growing food

Editable Garden Journal

Easily document your family’s organic journey using your very own editable journal

Learn at your own pace

As parents or childhood educators we understand how hard it is to find time to learn something new. So, while the course is delivered over 3 weeks, all the content, videos, worksheets and downloads can be revisited at any time you need them. If you want to take it slower and complete the course at your own pace then we’ll still be right beside you to help you through.

Who should take this intensive program?


> Want to learn how to harness nature and grow organic food

> Want to learn how you actually save money growing food

> Find it hard to sift through the endless information online

> Already have a food garden but you know it could be so much better

> Don’t want to waste any more money trying to ‘wing it’ and go it alone

> Work with children and want to get it right the first time

I’ve worked really hard on this program, continually refining and improving the content over the past 12 months. My focus has always been on guiding families and educators into an organic setting which is easy to learn and simple to adopt.

I want to equip as many parents as I can with organic gardening skills so our kids have a future without chemicals and with more nutrients in their food. It’s essential for a healthy food supply, a sustainable existence and reconnecting our kids with nature.

Becky Searles

Save money growing food


  • It’s no secret that a food garden can be a money pit
  • Your food garden can really cost you money, especially when you’re starting out and trying to learn as you go
  • Costs can quickly add up running into thousands of $$$
  • This can really deflate your enthusiasm and question a food garden’s viability

Why waste money trying to figure it all out yourself? You can learn life skills in organic gardening principles and techniques for a fraction of the cost. Skills you can teach your kids. Skills they will have for life.


  • 20+ lesson / information videos (valued at $600)
  • 25+ downloadable & editable worksheets  (valued at $400)
  • BONUS module Quick Start for Beginners (valued at $200)
  • 7+ tutorials / expect chats (valued at $700)
  • BONUS eBooks x 2 (valued at $100)
  • BONUS editable garden journal (valued at $60)
  • Access to our private intensive study group (valued at $60)
  • Ongoing access to the course material, which is updated each year (priceless)
  • Planting guides & more

That’s a total value of: $2,120

(Don’t freak out, I wouldn’t charge you that)

What’s in the bonuses?

Bonus 1:

Bonus 1:

Module - Quick start for beginners

Cheatsheets, checklists, key essentials, mulch, we explain it all in detail.

Bonus 2:

Bonus 2:

Saving Money Growing Food eBook

Our most valuable tool for paving the way to self-sufficiency for your family.

Bonus 3:

Bonus 3:

Companion Planting Basics eBook

All you need to know and nothing you don’t. Untangling and simplifying.

Bonus 4:

Bonus 4:

Garden Journal

Our downloadable and editable journal is the perfect way to track your food garden activity.

Course members 

“I highly recommend the online organic gardening workshops. It was easy to follow along with. I just plugged in my ear phones and could watch it while feeding my baby or once she had gone to sleep”.

Carmel Harris

Mum, group member, 2018 Organic Food Garden Workshop

“Family Garden Life gave me everything I needed to finally get my garden up and running. For the first time in years, I have a flourishing herb garden and am now in the process of revamping my veggie garden. And I have beautiful flowers growing in hanging baskets along the full length of my verandah for the first time ever. I could not have done it without Becky and her brilliant course. It gave me all the knowledge I needed, but in bite-sized pieces, so I could implement it without getting overwhelmed. Thanks, Rebecca Searles!!.”

Cindy Kennedy

Mother, business owner, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“Highly recommend Family Garden Life’s Organic Food Garden course to get you started growing organically. It literally takes you from the ground up with practical and easy to apply information. As a visual learner with a memory like a sieve, the worksheets provided for each module are a great reference after you’ve completed them. The Facebook groups also provide a great ongoing source of support and information. Definitely, recommend giving this course a go!

Laura Creagh

Group member, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“I’m so glad I came across Family Garden Life. The course that was offered came at exactly the right time. I wanted to create an organic garden with my two little ones but was totally clueless & didn’t want to waste money just ‘having a go’. I was able to understand what was needed to grow organic food for my family and how to do it in an easy step by step process without the overwhelm I had been feeling prior to finding Family Garden Life. I loved sharing some of the videos with my kids too and they got excited to help out in the garden. The support during the course was awesome and the community continues to be supportive whenever I have more questions! I often find myself sending friends to the Family Garden Life community knowing how much support they will get and how much they will learn.”

Nikki Veliz Merzliakov

Mum of 2, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“Whether you are starting a vegie garden from scratch or hoping to improve an existing garden, the e-course is full of useful information. I love that you can do the modules at your own pace.”

Mary Ireland

Organic Food Garden 101 Program

“I recently did the free online organic gardening course through Family Garden Life and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting their own veggie patch at home. It touches base on all the key elements needed and I can’t wait to put it all into practice. Thanks so much for offering it 😀”.

Courtney Foster

Group member, 2019 FREE Start-up Vegie Patch Basics

“The FGL-Our Food Garden page is amazing! A great, supportive community of like-minded gardeners. Rebecca’s Organic Food Garden Workshop was full of useful, no-nonsense tips and advice. The worksheets were easy to follow and helped me refocus some gardening goals and essential “to-do’s”.

Catherine Nichols

Group member, 2018 Organic Food Garden Workshop

“I highly recommend the Family Garden Life online course. It’s an excellent guide for setting up your organic garden, filled with practical tips and solutions. My kids now love growing their own produce.”

Melanie Aslanidis

Mum of 2, business owner, Organic Food Garden 101 Program

Course opens April 2021

100% money back guarantee


If you don’t want to stay, then we won’t make you.

You can request a full refund on what you’ve paid as long as your request is made within 7 days of the course start date.


In short, what is the Organic Food Garden 101 Intensive Program?

This course is a 3-week intensive learning program designed for parents, childhood educators and gardening enthusiasts to teach organic gardening techniques and philosophy so you can grow organic food with kids at home or in care. The content for this course has been written by a parent (me – Becky) and focusses on everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Do I need to have an established food garden to do this course?

No, you don’t need to have an established garden. Included in this program is a bonus module ‘Quick Start for Beginners’. This module will equip you with everything you need to know to get started, and I mean everything.

How is the Organic Food Garden 101 program delivered?

The course is delivered over a 3 week period, so everyone has a chance to allocate time without feeling they are being left behind. However, you don’t have to complete the weekly release that week. We know how busy life gets with kids and work so take your time and get to it when you can. Your access will not expire.

Do I have to complete the modules each week?

There is no forced learning whatsoever. Your wellbeing is important to us. I will be addressing the course material each week in the study group, so you can also take your time and read these posts when it’s convenient.

Can you guarantee our success in growing food?

No, I wish I could but there are no magical fairies in this course. We teach you organic gardening techniques and skills which you can use in your food garden at home or work.

Does the course expire?

No, the course does not expire, however, I can’t guarantee this course will stay at this price or in this structure forever.

Who shouldn't sign up?

This course is designed for the beginner grower and for growers lacking foundation skills in organic gardening. If you’ve been growing for a long time and have a productive garden built on years of knowledge and organic principles, then this course is not for you.

I can't make this enrolment, when is the next one?

If you can’t make this enrolment, you will have another opportunity to sign up. Join the waitlist for the next date to be released.

Is this course only for families?

No, this course can be taken by anyone interested in starting a food garden and learning organic gardening principles to ensure their food is clean and free of chemicals. Feel free to share this page with anyone.

Who runs this course?

Me, Becky Searles, the creator of Organic Food Garden 101 Intensive Program and the founder of Family Garden Life. I’ve been gardening for most of my 46 years. My dad taught me and I’ve taught my kids. I’ve been using organic gardening principles and techniques for many, many years. I love talking about growing food with kids and have been lucky enough to contribute content for Kiddipedia, Kidspot, Mamamia, 9Honey, Better Homes & Gardens, Lifestyle and many more.

I’m a parent who believes that anyone can grow organic food with kids and that’s exactly what this course delivers. Skills for families and educators to adopt and implement in an easy to learn format. Written by a parent for parents (and educators of course).

Is organic gardening expensive like organic food?

No, definitely not. It’s actually the opposite. Organic gardening will cost you less. You can grow organic food and save money.

How much time do I need to allocate each week?

The best thing about this course is we have an awesome delivery schedule you can download which will let you know how long everything will take to watch and what can be downloaded. This is perfect to keep you on track and quickly check where you are up to. I would allow 2-3 hours per week to get your teeth into the module.

How do the worksheets / downloads work?

The worksheets will support your learning and you can use them to plan and assess what you need in your food garden. They can be downloaded and saved to your drive without printing. The worksheets are editable so all you need to do each lesson is open them, fill them out as you learn, and then resave them. We value sustainable practices at Family Garden Life.

I don't have a Facebook account, can I still join a group?

Both our study group and our Family Garden Life – Learning group are operated on Facebook. I suggest joining Facebook so you can access this support. We do not run any other type of group. Email support isn’t included in this course.

I'm nervous I won't understand the terminology?

No need to be. We have taken the confusion out of organic gardening and simplified it so anyone can learn it. If however, something isn’t clear, you can ask in the study group where there is no judgement.

How do I access the Organic Food Garden 101 Intensive Program?

Once you’ve paid for the course you’ll be sent login details to access the learning portal. The course will be delivered online and released over a 3 week period from the start date stated in the communication. Each week more of the course will be unlocked and then you will be able to work through the newly released content as well as any previous releases.

You will receive an email each week notifying you when the content has been unlocked. I will also post this in our study group.

How does the payment plan work?

The payment plan option is paid weekly over 3 weeks. So your initial payment is due on sign up and then each week thereafter until paid. A total of 3 x $166 = $498 payments are included in this payment option.

If you have not met your payment plan agreement, your access to the course will be revoked and payments made so far will not be eligible for a refund.

What if I sign up and I don't like the course?

If you decide the course is not for you within 7 days from the start date, I will happily refund your money paid, no questions asked, no hard feelings. If you don’t want to do the course, I won’t make you.

Refunds must be requested within 7 days of the course start date. 

There will be no refunds given after the first 7 days.


Course launches April 2021

100% money back guarantee


If you don’t want to stay, then we won’t make you.

You can request a full refund on what you’ve paid as long as your request is made within 7 days of the course start date.