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Learn how to create succulent planters from old books
You can grow succulents in just about anything these days, and recycled books is an awesome cost-effective way to enjoy
Make your own succulent planter teachers gift
A super teacher deserves an awesome gift to show your child's commitment to learning for the year. Why not gift
bee friendly seed packet with seed balls
The kids will have so much fun making our bee-friendly seed balls using flower seeds. Bees and flowers make up
insect hotel in the garden
We built our insect hotel in Australia out of leftover building material and we also collected twigs and branches we
Reusing coffee pods by turning them into fairy planters
Reusing coffee pods by turning them into amazing succulents planters is one great way of recycling. Not all homes will
When the kids brought out the paints and asked me if they could do some painting, my daughter decided painting
Recently we featured in an article on Mouths of Mums chatting about mindfulness for kids outside which you can encourage
Kids lunch boxes Sinchies packs with fruit
Kids' lunch boxes can be a real challenge. Coming up with new kids' lunch ideas every day is something I
How to make healthy banana bread
If you are a lover of banana bread and looking for a healthy banana bread recipe, this one is sure
How to make a simple living succulent wreath
If you haven't had a go at working with succulents, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to show you
You can truly be inspired by nature every single day. All you have to do is stop and look all
You'll love these easy to make plant gifts for teachers
The kids and I started a conversation the other day about the different types of teachers' gifts that a teacher
Easy homemade natural weed sprayer and fungicide remedies
Weeds are such a minefield as soon as the weather starts getting warmer so making your own weed sprayer garden
Beneficial insects in Australia
It's important to understand and identify predator insects and how you can encourage them into your garden through planting. If
How to take salad to the next level!
Rainbow Salad I can assure you that this Rainbow Salad is packed full of flavour and amazing health benefits that
Mosquito repellent plants you need in your outdoor space
We love summertime in Australia, unfortunately so does the mozzie. It's a constant struggle when the sun starts to go
Creating a fairy garden is one thing, building a herb garden is another, but when you bring together herbs and
How our family uses composting for zero food waste
The objective of a family compost is simple, to achieve composting for zero food waste. Cut down on waste and
2 tasty recipes using Microgreens you'll be glad you found
Microgreens are little edible plants bursting with flavour and the health benefits are stacked in their favour. These mini vegetables are
What to include in the perfect family garden
The best way to plan what to include in a family garden space that meets the needs of all family
Moon planting guide: Everything you need to know
It makes perfect sense once you understand the science behind it. We can easily comprehend the gravitational forces between the
Our guide to the best edible plants for kids!
Getting started with kids is actually a lot easier than it sounds, especially if your kids like D.I.Y projects. The
17 bugs in your vegetable garden you need to know
Starting a veggie patch is a venture that will just keep giving and giving to your family. Not only do
Seed raising guide: what you need to know
If you've been searching for a seed raising guide and information on growing vegetables from seed in Australia, then you've