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Watermelon Pizza for kids
Nothing screams summer more than watermelon and this time of year is hard to miss. It’s the perfect time to Read more
garden diary
We love creating with nature and it’s awesome to have an idea then head outside and find something we can Read more
Air Plant Terrarium - girls with finished terrarium
Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun. We love coming up with activities which involve kids and Read more
5 amazing Christmas salads that will complete your feast
With so much beautiful produce ripening in our gardens, Christmas is the perfect time to go all out in terms Read more
How to turn rosemary cuttings into a gift
Rosemary is a Mediterranean woody perennial herb known for its wonderful flavour. It’s one of the most popular herbs and Read more
Can you really save money growing vegetables at home?
Any home gardener will tell you the produce tastes better, has higher nutrient content, and is the one form of Read more
no dig garden finished
Building a no dig garden was high on my agenda once my beautiful Greenlife raised garden planter arrived. Finding the Read more
Imagination play in the garden and why kids benefit
We hear so often now adults bemoaning that children spend too much time in front of screens and not enough Read more
Create a pretend campfire with imaginative nature play
Kids using their imagination with nature play simply warms my heart. Nature Play It’s starting to warm up where we live Read more
Household waste recycling isn’t as hard as you think. In Australia, on average a family will throw away 20% of Read more
salad garden
If you’re anything like me, you’d get excited when the warmer weather arrives. This is the time that our food Read more
Make your own magical fairy garden school
It only takes a little magic to make a fairy garden school come alive! Recently, my friend bought me a Read more
herb wall garden
I love getting a parcel in the post. It reminds me of being a child awaiting Christmas presents from distant Read more
Garden tools
With so many garden tools to choose from, how do you know which are going to be the best for Read more
Why a raised garden planter makes the perfect gift
My brother has a small courtyard garden that gets a little sun. Like I, he was brought up with a Read more
Fairy garden halloween: The scariest wedding in town
Halloween, a night of witches, goblins, ghosts and fear is fast approaching. Our children are already preparing their costumes. They Read more
Want to learn how to make soil testing fun for kids?
Soil testing is a way you can get to know your soil a bit better before you grow your plants. Read more
Origami paper pot
There are lots of different options out there to raise seedlings and to be honest, I think I’ve tried them Read more
Find out why this garden kneeler is the best investment!
As I get older, I find some of the things I used to be able to do, I struggle with Read more
Fruit veggie offcuts
Fruit & Veggie Offcuts We discard our tops and tails, peel and seeds without giving it a second thought. Well Read more
Vermihut worm farm
Vermihut Worm Farm When I first started looking at worm farms, I thought they would be really difficult to look Read more
Cicely Mary Baker Flower Fairies figurines
We all need a little magic in our life and there is nothing more magical than fairies. The delight on Read more
wooden birdhouses
Constructing and designing wooden birdhouses as a group activity with the kids is an awesome way you can bring them Read more
Balcony garden: The perfect first garden for kids
The Balcony Garden The balcony garden our kids created was chosen so they could call it their own because that’s Read more
Know the best time and tools for pruning citrus trees
Pruning Citrus Trees Citrus trees don’t technically need to be pruned, however, if you leave them to grow wild they Read more
Kids gardening gloves review: What's most important to them
We asked some gorgeous kids to test run a range of kids gloves. You’re going to love their honest opinions. Read more
Microgreens Kit - microgreens pizza finished
You’ll be growing, harvesting, cooking and eating microgreens in no time. This Microgreens Kit has everything you need to get started. Read more
Gardening gifts for dad
Dad’s can be a challenge to buy for, let’s face it do men really need undies and socks? Spending time Read more
Raised Garden Beds
Raised Garden Beds Raised garden beds have been a saviour in my garden. When I moved into my home I Read more
White Winter Vegetable Soup Sinchies pouches
How good is a belly-warming soup when the temperature drops? I have been known to eat it for 3 meals Read more