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One of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself in a food garden is to collect seeds. It's not
It doesn't take much to think of an inexpensive gift with lots of heart. These small terracotta pots were so
There are so many great ideas out there for clean lunchboxes with a sustainability focus. These include tips on buying
One of our arch-nemesis in a food garden is found at the end of a slimy trail. With a massive
One of my favourite memories as a child was going to the local farmer’s fields to pick strawberries. I’m fairly
I would have to say that this soup is up in my top 5 favourite soups I make, and my
One of the most important gardening jobs for winter is giving your garden a break from growing. I'm not talking
How to make a soup using a slow cooker?
Slow cookers are so handy, especially during the cooler months. We love creating different dishes that are easy to make
Crunchy Quinoa Salad Recipe - Children will surely love!
I discovered quinoa quite a while ago and I use it in my cooking all the time. It's not actually
How to cook beetroot like an expert
Beetroot's reputation has been tainted over the years from sticking it in a tin, slicing it and adding sugar. For
companion flowers for autumn Nasturtiums main 1
When I first discovered companion planting it was like a light bulb got switched on. It’s such a big part
If you're looking for a cheap, fun and quick project to do with the kids, have a go at making
2 easy watermelon treats that will quench your thirst!
There is nothing quite like watermelon to cool the body temperature right down and quench your thirst. Since we are
For years garlic was on my hit list to become a mass-producing crop in my food garden. After failing miserably
Asian greens Tatsoi
Their leafy, green and generally don’t take forever to grow, which is always a winner with the kids. I wouldn’t
Microgreens recipe - Microgreen & Orange salad
Microgreens are tiny and quickly growing green vegetables. It's no big surprise why kids simply love them for their cuteness in
There will come a time, depending on where you live, when you have to kiss those mass producing summer crops
Kids cooking from the garden
Kids cooking from the garden is one of the best ways to show them the garden to plate process. It's
Rock bugs and beetles
Rock bugs and beetles are a great way to add some fun and colour to your garden or even your
Easy Seed Saving - sunflowers
You'll love how easy seed saving is when you give it a go yourself, and the cost-benefits are amazing. Most
If you've never experienced sweet and salty together, then this is definitely the recipe you should try. Even my husband
How to make a mug bug hotel
Want to learn how to make a mug bug hotel that your kids will love? My children have been bugging
Brown larvae in compost
I'm guessing you're reading this because you have brown larvae in compost? You'll be happy to know that this isn't
Watermelon Pizza for kids
Nothing screams summer more than watermelon and this time of year is hard to miss. It’s the perfect time to