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what veggies to grow now - lettuce
There is nothing like growing your own nutrient-dense food for your family to enjoy. It’s a great way to get Read more
Australian Native Bird Feeders ornament
As a family, we love being out in our garden listening to nature. The kids get to watch and learn Read more
Review you need to read on superior retractable hose reel!
Retractable Hose Reel Review Who would have thought a retractable hose reel would take me back in time to when Read more
Garden Releaf Art. An awesome way to enjoy a garden.
Garden Releaf Garden Releaf is an innovative program to help people understand the benefits a garden has on your health Read more
bee friendly seed packet with seed balls
The kids will have so much fun making our bee-friendly seed balls using flower seeds. Bees and flowers make up Read more
insect hotel in the garden
We built our insect hotel in Australia out of leftover building material and we also collected twigs and branches we Read more
How to make a simple living succulent wreath
If you haven’t had a go at working with succulents, I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to show you Read more
Easy homemade natural weed sprayer and fungicide remedies
Garden Remedies Weeds are such a minefield as soon as the weather starts getting warmer so making your own weed Read more
Beneficial insects in Australia
Beneficial Insects in Australia It’s important to understand and identify predator insects and how you can encourage them into your Read more
Mosquito repellent plants you need in your outdoor space
Mozzie Solutions We love summer time in Australia, unfortunately so does the mozzie. It’s a constant struggle when the sun starts Read more
How our family uses composting for zero food waste
Family Composting for zero food waste The objective of a family compost is simple – Composting for zero food waste. Read more
What to include in the perfect family garden
Family Garden The best way to plan what to include in a family garden space that meets the needs of Read more
Moon planting guide: Everything you need to know
It makes perfect sense once you understand the science behind it. We can easily comprehend the gravitational forces between the Read more
Our guide to the best edible plants for kids!
Growing Edible Plants for Kids Getting started with kids is actually a lot easier than it sounds, especially if your Read more
How garden psychology helped a daughter's struggle with dementia
Battle with Dementia – Garden Psychology It’s total shit, right? You spend all your life working your arse off to Read more
17 bugs in your vegetable garden you need to know
Starting a veggie patch is a venture that will just keep giving and giving to your family. Not only do Read more
Seed raising guide: what you need to know
Seed Raising Guide : Growing Vegetables from Seed Australia If you’ve been searching for some seed raising guide and information Read more
12 of the easiest vegetables to grow in Australia
You are definitely going to find some easy to grow veggies than others. What I’ve found easy, you may still Read more
Growing Microgreens. An absolutely perfect fit with kids!
Microgreens Microgreens are amazing vegetables. Not only are they tiny and cute but they are fast growing as well. It’s Read more
5 amazing ways kids can easily grow succulents!
One of the most rewarding plants multipliers are the beautiful succulent plants which even kids can easily grow succulents. Most Read more
Composting for beginners: How to get success in 4 steps
Composting is an awesome way to give back to the earth. It improves soil and can be used as mulch Read more
How to Plant a Tea Garden. Health benefits that will amaze you!
A tea garden is a great way to introduce herbs into your life. Herbs are an awesome addition to any Read more
Plants that attract bees
The humble honey bee is such an important part of our food chain, not only in Australia but worldwide. Without Read more
How to have fun AND keep Cabbage Butterflies out!
WARNING – White Cabbage butterflies about, look out! In Autumn & Spring, it really doesn’t take much to get disheartened Read more
An easy dinosaur garden to make this weekend
Dinosaur Gardening! Let’s face it, boys are hard to entertain in the garden. My son loves anything that moves or Read more
Why the best green smoothie cleanse comes from garden fresh ingredients
Grow Green! Make the best Green Smoothie Cleanse Every new year comes with goals, objectives, plans, dreams and just about Read more
Herbs for Health: Hidden Benefits of the top 6!
Growing herbs for wellbeing There are many medicinal herbs that relieve common ailments like indigestion, stress, anxiety, sunburn, headaches, coughs, Read more
Why growing veg from seed is awesome for kids
Growing veg from seed is such a rewarding experience, not only for the health benefits but for the hands on Read more
Myth buster: Are purple vegetables really better for you?
Adding Purple Vegetables to Your Patch. Purple vegetables produce can be found in abundance these days. Check with your local Read more
Spinach bacon and sweet potato - bite size
Spinach Bacon and Sweet Potato Pie If you love these ingredients on their own you’ll love this Spinach Bacon and Read more