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One of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself in a food garden is to collect seeds. It's not
One of our arch-nemesis in a food garden is found at the end of a slimy trail. With a massive
One of my favourite memories as a child was going to the local farmer’s fields to pick strawberries. I’m fairly
One of the most important gardening jobs for winter is giving your garden a break from growing. I'm not talking
companion flowers for autumn Nasturtiums main 1
When I first discovered companion planting it was like a light bulb got switched on. It’s such a big part
For years garlic was on my hit list to become a mass-producing crop in my food garden. After failing miserably
Asian greens Tatsoi
Their leafy, green and generally don’t take forever to grow, which is always a winner with the kids. I wouldn’t
There will come a time, depending on where you live, when you have to kiss those mass producing summer crops
Easy Seed Saving - sunflowers
You'll love how easy seed saving is when you give it a go yourself, and the cost-benefits are amazing. Most
Brown larvae in compost
I'm guessing you're reading this because you have brown larvae in compost? You'll be happy to know that this isn't
How to turn rosemary cuttings into a gift
Rosemary is a Mediterranean woody perennial herb known for its wonderful flavour. It's one of the most popular herbs and
Can you really save money growing vegetables at home?
Any home gardener will tell you the produce tastes better, has higher nutrient content, and is the one form of
no dig garden finished
When we had decided where it was going, We spent some time trimming overhanging branches back and weeding the bed
Household waste recycling isn't as hard as you think. In Australia, on average a family will throw away 20% of
If you're anything like me, you’d get excited when the warmer weather arrives. This is the time that our food
Want to learn how to make soil testing fun for kids?
Soil testing is a way you can get to know your soil a bit better before you grow your plants.
Origami paper pot
There are lots of different options out there to raise seedlings and to be honest, I think I've tried them
When I first started looking at worm farms, I thought they would be really difficult to look after. How wrong
Know the best time and tools for pruning citrus trees
Citrus trees don’t technically need to be pruned, however, if you leave them to grow wild they will grow large
Microgreens Kit - microgreens pizza finished
You'll be growing, harvesting, cooking and eating microgreens in no time. When you shout out ‘Dinners ready!’ and witness a
Raised Garden Beds
Raised garden beds have been a saviour in my garden. When I moved into my home I couldn’t wait to
Becoming Sustainable - footprint
Sustainable living is not just a buzzword or the latest catchphrase people are using. Have you heard the words 'reducing
what veggies to grow now - lettuce
There is nothing like growing your own nutrient-dense food for your family to enjoy. It's a great way to get
Australian Native Bird Feeders ornament
As a family, we love being out in our garden listening to nature. The kids get to watch and learn
Garden Releaf Garden Releaf is an innovative program to help people understand the benefits a garden has on your health
bee friendly seed packet with seed balls
The kids will have so much fun making our bee-friendly seed balls using flower seeds. Bees and flowers make up
insect hotel in the garden
We built our insect hotel in Australia out of leftover building material and we also collected twigs and branches we
How to make a simple living succulent wreath
If you haven't had a go at working with succulents, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to show you
Easy homemade natural weed sprayer and fungicide remedies
Weeds are such a minefield as soon as the weather starts getting warmer so making your own weed sprayer garden
Beneficial insects in Australia
It's important to understand and identify predator insects and how you can encourage them into your garden through planting. If