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Do you want better ways for household waste recycling?
Household waste recycling isn’t as hard as you think. In Australia, on average a family will throw away 20% of
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Vermihut worm farm
Why a Vermihut Worm Farm is the best investment!
Vermihut Worm Farm When I first started looking at worm farms, I thought they would be really difficult to look
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Gardening gifts for dad
6 gardening gifts for dad that will make his jaw drop!
Dad’s can be a challenge to buy for, let’s face it do men really need undies and socks? Spending time
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Fire pits Australia
Unique Fire Pits, Australia now easily has the edge!
If you’re looking for fire pits, Australia has a lot to offer.  After all, there is nothing more satisfying, on
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Kids Cubby House
A kids cubby house review that will make you laugh!
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Becoming Sustainable - footprint
Becoming Sustainable. 5 easy steps and why it’s important.
Sustainable living is not just a buzzword or the latest catchphrase people are using. Have you heard the words ‘reducing
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what veggies to grow now - lettuce
Find out what veggies to plant now for amazing results!
There is nothing like growing your own nutrient-dense food for your family to enjoy. It’s a great way to get
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Delrico Retractable Hose - Watering the garden
Review you need to read on superior retractable hose reel!
Retractable Hose Reel Review Who would have thought a retractable hose reel would take me back in time to when
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garden releaf kids with artworks
Garden Releaf Art. An awesome way to enjoy a garden.
Garden Releaf Garden Releaf is an innovative program to help people understand the benefits a garden has on your health
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insect hotel in the garden
Insect hotel? How to build an amazing bug hotel.
We built our insect hotel out of leftover building material and we also collected twigs and branches we found on
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How to make a living wreath with succulents
How to make a living wreath with succulents.
If you haven’t had a go at working with succulents, I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to show you
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How to make GREEN gift choices this Christmas.
How to make GREEN gift choices this Christmas.
Green Gift Choices Let’s be real about this. When most of us think of Christmas, it’s spending money in shopping
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Mozzie free
The secret to a mozzie free garden is easy!
Mozzie Solutions We love summer time in Australia, unfortunately so does the mozzie. It’s a constant struggle when the sun starts
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Our SECRETS to the ultimate family compost! It’s easier than you think.
Family Compost The objective of a family compost is simple. Cut down on waste and improve soil conditions by using
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Family Garden - Swing
How to create your perfect family garden!
Family Garden The best way to plan for a family garden space that meets the needs of all family members
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How to cosy up your winter outdoor garden!
Winter Outdoor Garden Are you sick of being cooped up indoors?  Do you want to spend time out in your
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Composting 101: How to get success in 4 steps!
Composting is an awesome way to give back to the earth. It improves soil and can be used as mulch
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Garden activities that will inspire your family!
One of the best things in a garden is the special little touches that the kids bring. It’s also a
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How to have fun AND keep Cabbage Butterflies out!
WARNING – White butterflies about, look out! In Autumn & Spring, it really doesn’t take much to get disheartened growing
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D.I.Y. Dino Garden: This is the activity you have been waiting for!
Dino Gardening! Let’s face it, boys are hard to entertain in the garden. My son loves anything that moves or
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Fairy gardening that will more than inspire you.
Katie’s Project One of our Family Garden Life mum’s Katie, is reaching out for some ideas for her fairy garden
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Love growing memories that will last forever!
My daughter stood in front of the cupboard the other day and said “Mum there’s no food!”. Sound familiar? So
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Fairy Gardening: How to get really big smiles gardening!
Bella’s Fairy Lane Fairy Gardening is a wonderful way to get kids into their own space in the garden. My
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A Natural Play Garden: Watching them will make you proud!
Creating a natural play backyard for your kids is important for any growing family. With so much technology available to
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