Benefits of raised garden beds you won’t believe!

by | Aug 14, 2018 | In the Garden

Raised garden beds have been a saviour in my garden.

When I moved into my home I couldn’t wait to set up my new veggie patch. I have fond memories of my Dad growing veggies when I was growing up. This is something I’ve always wanted to replicate for my children. Teaching kids where real food comes from and the whole garden to plate concept, I felt, was extremely important. So, it was with great frustration that I bent the spade as I tried to dig into the sun-baked soil. I had to search for an alternative while I worked on the clay ground, which leads a path straight to raised garden beds. To be completely honest, I haven’t looked back.

It’s been great to discover the many benefits of raised garden beds not only for my personal situation but for lots of other people as well. Gardeners come in many shapes and forms and the ease of raised garden beds has been a great solution for many people.

Location of a raised garden bed

A vegetable garden needs a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sun a day to generate growth and production. When you choose the location for your raised garden beds you’ll have the advantage of placing your beds in the perfect sun-drenched position. This is something which you can’t do with an existing garden. If you don’t have a garden, just a courtyard or even a balcony there are raised garden beds options for you too which allow you to still grow organic produce at home. This Patio Raised Garden Bed comes with a base, and you can even get the Drop Over Greenhouse for it.

Patio Raised Garden Bed Mini Drop Over Greenhouse

Nutrient-rich soil

One of the many benefits of raised garden beds is that you can choose your soil. Rich soil is the foundation of a healthy organic food garden. Healthy soil equals healthy, stronger, nutrient-dense plants which are generally less likely to suffer from disease and pests. Being able to choose the soil that you put into your raised garden beds means that you do not have to work to improve existing clay or sand-based soil. Instead, you have complete control.

Good drainage

If you are growing food in your garden, drainage is also super important. Vegetable and herb plants don’t like sitting in water, so they need to be watered often and drain freely. Because the soil in a raised garden bed sits above the ground, even at times of heavy rain the soil will drain well. This is a major benefit when growing food.

Fewer weeds

Everyone likes the idea of fewer weeds right? I actually don’t mind weeding, I find it quite therapeutic, however, if given the choice, I’d rather they didn’t exist. The benefit of raised garden beds is that because the soil is new, your beds are free of weeds. Especially those weeds which are embedded in the history of your garden, like onion weed, ugh.

Raised Garden Beds - Slimline Raised Garden Bed Square Raised Garden Bed

Soil temperature

In the cooler months when the sun is lower in the sky, you’ll gain the benefit of the sun heating the sides of your bed and warming the soil. This will help with your early Spring crops as the bed will retain the heat from the sun. During the warmer months, the sun is higher in the sky so the reverse won’t happen.

Crop rotation

Crop rotation can be a little easier in a raised garden bed, because of the smaller size. The key to crop rotation is to vary which plants go in the same spot each season. Some plants can tax the soil, others can enrich the soil, and some can help break it up. In a raised garden bed, you’re working with a smaller crop so you can easily take a few quick notes to keep track of your seasonal planting.

Less bending (back and knees)

One of my favourite benefits is that because a raised garden bed is above ground level, you are significantly reducing the number of times you bend. The height also allows better access for children, the elderly or those with restricted movement.

The Slimline Raised Garden Bed minimises stretching across the bed and can multiple beds can easily be lined up with access in between. The Large Raised Garden Beds allow for ample vegetable growing, but with easy access to all plants. As you do not need to stand in a raised garden bed this limits soil compaction and reduces your need for digging.

We’ve had our raised garden beds for many years now and the only problem I seem to have is that I keep expanding and now my grass space is getting smaller. We like it this way though, we are all about growing food not lawn at our house.

Raised Garden Beds - Large Raised Garden Bed Large Drop over Greenhouse

Australian owned

Green Life is a 100% owned Australian company that has been making raised garden beds for over 10 years. They have a fantastic selection of raised garden beds with corrugated iron sides which are long-lasting and attractive for the garden or the balcony.

Green Life Patio Garden Bed with Base allows you to plant anywhere. It can be used on your balcony, on pavers, in your courtyard, even by the front door. It really does give everyone the opportunity to grow herbs or vegetables even in a small space.

You can put a Green Life Large Garden Bed just about anywhere in your garden. All you need is a sunny position and it will look perfect with its modern design. The large raised garden bed is available in a bundle deal with a drop over greenhouse which makes a lovely gift. This provides protection for your seedlings and an environment that is safe for your plants to become established.

Once you start using your raised garden beds, I guarantee, you will never look back!

Happy Growing!