Balcony garden: The perfect first garden for kids

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

The balcony garden our kids created was chosen so they could call it their own because that’s exactly what they wanted. A garden where they could choose which vegetables were grown and they could take care of the plants themselves. Our balcony seemed like the perfect place to position it. This is because it gets lots of morning sun and is sheltered from the wind. Most importantly, it’s easy for the kids to access and remember to care for their plants.

Gardening with kids

These little gardeners naturally wanted to be responsible for every part of this project. They used the Greenlife Patio Raised Garden Bed with base and the Greenlife mini drop over the greenhouse and they showed me just how easy this was.

I was amazed at how enthusiastic they were as they fastened the nuts and bolts to put the patio raised garden bed together.  They found it lots of fun working as a team.  When they saw the greenhouse kit, my son was so excited that he got to build it. He couldn’t wait to start the assembly. The poles all slotted together easily and soon they had built not only a greenhouse but a little place to play for a moment. I love watching the enthusiasm that comes from the kids and the way their imagination works.

Once everything had been constructed they moved it into position on the balcony. Then they put on their gloves, grabbed their spades, and started filling the bed with good quality soil.

Planting vegetables and herbs The Balcony Garden - drop over greenhouse

What to plant

We had already been to our local nursery and chosen the vegetables and herbs that would grow inside their patio raised garden bed.  As usual, some of their choices surprised me. My little gardeners know that these plants, once grown, will become the food they eat. They carefully selected their favourites. They planted basil, two types of lettuce, spring onions, and red-veined sorrel. I have never grown sorrel before, but the children picked it due to the beautiful leaves. It has a lemony flavour and can be used in salads so we are looking forward to trying it.

Once everything had been planted, the children lightly watered the plants, taking into account that this raised patio bed has a base and therefore does not drain. This is a bonus for me as it means I won’t get water running along the balcony.

You may want to put a layer of crushed rock or gravel at the bottom of the balcony garden they have created. This will assist with filtration and drainage. Ours is in a great spot out of the weather so we didn’t feel this was necessary.

Finished set up The Balcony Garden - greenhouse zipped down

The greenhouse was left open to allow the sun into the plants. Every evening the children enjoy zipping it up to protect their plants overnight. They are really looking forward to enjoying their first crop. I’m sure that the salad that evening is going to be very popular!

Raised garden beds have so many advantages, it’s no wonder why they are so popular.

Kids and gardening, it just works.