A birdhouse group activity your kids will love?

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Kids Garden Activities

Constructing and designing wooden birdhouses as a group activity with the kids is an awesome way you can bring them closer to nature.

Children always seem to be happier when they have their friends over to play. I love it when they get wrapped up in activities and the afternoon just disappears in a flurry of fun. We love finding ways to engage the kids with nature and for them, being able to watch the birds in the garden visit their personalised birdhouse, was a huge hit.

Wooden Birdhouses

The children came across this activity when they were flicking through the catalogue. The birdhouses arrive flat packed with simple instructions on how to build them. They found them really easy to construct because each piece fits together snugly. Once they were built they simply glued them together.

Birdhouse Group Craft Activity

3D Wooden Birdhouse Group Craft Activity Kit – This one is a scorcher!

Valued at over $110.00 and catering for up to 10 children, this kit is the ideal group activity for your crafty gardeners.

Powered by CleverPatch

• Pack of 10 x 3D Wooden Birdhouses
• CleverPatch Acrylic Paint Tubes – set of 12 (75ml each)
• CleverPatch Junior PVA Glue – 250ml
• CleverPatch Triangular Maxi Permanent Markers – black pack of 12
• Foam Minibeast Stickers – pack of 120
• Mod Podge – outdoor

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What you need:

  • Pack of 10 3D Wooden Birdhouses
  • Acrylic Paint Tubes – set of 12 (75ml each)
  • Junior PVA Glue – 250ml
  • Permanent Markers – black pack of 12
  • Foam Minibeast Stickers – pack of 120
  • Mod Podge – Outdoor
  • Flat Paintbrush Set – hog hair
  • Empty egg cartons for your paint trays


Then it was on to the fun part.

The acrylic paint had amazing coverage and was easily applied to the wooden frame. Once the paint had dried they were able to decorate them. We ordered the foam minibeast stickers which were really simple to apply. All you had to do was remove the paper backing. The markers were also perfect for drawing the detail on the roof and sides.

This allowed the children to become really creative with vines growing at the front of the birdhouse, flowers on the sides and roof, spider’s webs, wriggly worms and windows to allow the sunshine in.

Once the children were happy with their masterpiece, they applied the required coats of Modge Podge to protect the birdhouse from the elements by sealing it. Then they were ready to be placed in a tree. A beautiful home for a small bird or maybe, if we are really lucky, a Sugar Glider.

Group activities for kids

This is a perfect activity for a birthday party where you are entertaining several children, for school holiday fun, a play date, or for when you get together with family and friends. When you add up the cost of party bags, entertainment hire, and face painting, this activity ticks all the boxes for a group of 10 or less.

I also built my own birdhouse and found just as much enjoyment as the kids, so I believe that kids of any age will be happy to spend some time on this activity. It’s always fun to allow our inner artists to flourish.

wooden birdhouses - finished red birdhouse

There are lots of ways you can engage the kids outside with craft.