6 gardening gifts for dad that will make his jaw drop!

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Family Outdoors, In the Garden

Dad’s can be a challenge to buy for, let’s face it do men really need undies and socks? Spending time trying to find alternative gifts tends to go to the bottom of our to-do lists so we have done the work for you!

Gardening Gifts for Dad


Delrico: Retractable Hose Reel

Is Dad fed up with the tangled mess of hose in the garden? Maybe he’s sick of tripping over the hose because it’s left lying on the ground? Then this retractable garden hose is the ideal present for him.

The team at Delrico have used their engineering background to deliver a hose that is built to last. From the solid brass internal shaft to the REACH certified hose, to the stainless steel weight support spring, Dad is going to find this a winner. A Delrico hose is designed with smooth and controlled retraction to protect Dad’s fingers and his little helper’s fingers as well. The Delrico team offer an after sales service that is second to none by ensuring that all Delrico hoses can be serviced and repaired by in-house technicians.  Not only this, but Delrico have a range of hoses that are coloured with the Colorbond range in any of their colours. How much would dad love that?

Delrico best retractable hose reel, gardening gifts for dad Delrico Retractable hose reel


WormTech: Worm Farm

Dad will love this VermiHut worm farm from WormTech. It offers a solution to disposing of food waste whilst preparing the most amazing, rich compost for your garden to help you grow delicious vegetables, fruit or herbs or to fertilise your flower beds. Dad won’t mind getting his fingers dirty setting up the worm farm with the family and benefiting from the nutrient-dense waste and liquid gold that can be put directly into the soil. With its awesome design, the VermiHut worm farm from WormTech is a real winner. The VermiHut comes in 4 colour choices and will make a wonderful addition to any garden.

Worm Tech VermiHut worm Farm Kit Deluxe dark green - gardening gifts for dad Worm Tech- VermiHut Worm Farm Kit Deluxe


Greenlife: Raised Garden Bed

A GreenLife Raised Garden Bed will offer Dad the opportunity to set up a herb or veggie garden. They are suitable for Dad whether he has a garden, a balcony or a courtyard. Greenlife offers an awesome selection of Raised Garden Beds to suit all needs. When you grow your own herbs or veggies you are supplying organic produce for your family.

GreenLife is 100% Australian owned and has been making garden beds for over 10 years. Raised garden beds have so many benefits that we’ve written a blog post entirely on them. They even have fantastic bundle deals where you can combine a raised garden bed with a drop over greenhouse. It makes the perfect set up. Happy Greenlife gardening Dad!

Greenlife Large raised garden bed, gardening gifts for dad Greenlife Large Drop Over Greenhouse


gardengloves.com.au: Gardening Gloves

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller but extremely useful, check out the range of gardening gloves at gardengloves.com.au. You’ll be sure to provide comfort and protection for Dad in the garden. Offering so many styles, colours and designs to suit any job in the garden.

gardengloves.com.au offer an extensive range that will keep Dad happy and protected all year round. You’ll also find gloves for every member of the family so head on over and find the perfect present for Dad that you know won’t sit at the back of the cupboard.

Garden Gloves - Snake Grip Garden Gloves, gardening gifts for dad Garden Gloves - Burgon and Ball - Denim


Swingz n Thingz: Hanging Hammock Chair

After a hard week at work, dad definitely needs to rest and relax. It’s time to enjoy life with the family and to get some zzzz’s. One of these awesome chair hammocks from Swingz n Thingz ticks all these boxes. It allows dad time to spend in the garden while watching the children play. Swingz n Thingz offers a range of styles and colours. They also have hammock kits and stands if you think dad would like to be more horizontal. I’m sure he’ll agree, giving him something he can relax in is one of the best gardening gifts for dad.

Swingz and Thingz have been creating outdoor fun for over 25 years. They are ready to help you to make the right choice for the dad in your life.  And the best part about this gift is that mum can use it too.

Fathers Day Hommock Chair - gardening gifts for dad_2 Fathers Day Hammock Chair


CutAbove Tools: Heavy Duty Pruning Package.

This Heavy Duty Pruning Package is perfect for those hard to reach gardening jobs. Long reach pruning tools extend your reach, allowing you to get on with your garden work. There is nothing worse than only being able to complete a task based on your available reach.

With this package, you’ll solve all your high reach pruning needs. And because the pruner is ratchet it delivers a cut with less effort. That’s the type of garden tool that you want in your collection. My husband would love to add this to his collection.

Check out the full range of high reach pruning tools at CutAbove Tools. There is something for every job and every person.

CutAbove Tools Long reach pruning tools package, gardening gifts for dad Cut Above Tools